Michelle Lis (Provost Fellow)

Doing research at Loyola Medical Center gave me essential clinical experience in medical physics, and confirmed my interests in becoming a medical physicist. My research was centered on processing MRI images to correct distortions due to patient motion. I became more proficient in the MatLab programming and familiarized myself with the patient planning procedures for cancer treatment via radiosurgery. I also built a vocabulary for medical physics and built experience in using the equipment for imaging patients, (with CT scanners, MRI’s and PET scans, X-rays) learned how to process films, and took part in checking treatment plans involving radiation for accuracy and precision. Finally, I was introduced to the cutting edge research and the key players in new methods for cancer treatment and diagnosis, with helped me determine which areas of research I am interested in pursuing and the settings that I may be interested in working at in the future.

I plan to apply to medical physics graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in therapy based medical physics. Then I would like to work at a major hospital as a medical physicist.