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The Faculty Council Executive Committee, along with Dr. Carolyn Saari, Chair of the Governance Committee, and Dr. Paolo Giordiano, Chair of the Committee on Committees, met at 8:30 AM on April 18, 2000 with Fr. Piderit, Dr. Braskamp, Ms. Gibbs, Dr. Beane, and Mr. Magdziarz to discuss the current committee structure at Loyola and the proposed university policy committees. It was agreed to begin discussion concerning roles and responsibilities of four policy committees: university budget committee (already in place), strategic coordinating committee (already in place), and the establishment of two new policy committees, an information technology (IT) policy committee (chaired by Wayne Magdziarz) and a faculty affairs committee (which will be comprised of faculty council representatives, CFA representatives, and administrative representatives with a charge to review and rewrite the Faculty Handbook). Any changes to the Faculty Handbook must be approved by Faculty Council and other bodies. An all-day retreat concerning the establishment of university policy committees and a review of the entire lakeside standing committee structure will be held later in the year with the goal of working toward shared governance structures and a discussion of roles and responsibilities of committee members. It was also agreed to in principle to work toward the establishment of an academic affairs policy committee, a student affairs policy committee, and a staff affairs policy committee at a later date.


Chair: Gerry McDonald
Vice Chair: Kim Dell’Angela


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Meeting Minutes:
  • July 1999
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Minutes, July 30, 1999


Dr. Micael Clarke, A&S, English
Dr. Sarah Gable, A&S, Theater (Secretary)
Dr. Barbara Leonard, Accounting (Chair)
Dr. Gerald McDonald, A&S, Mathematics
Dr. Fred Morrison, A&S, Psychology (Vice-Chair)
Dr. Susan Ross, A&S, Theology

The Chair called the executive committee to order at 8:30 a.m.

1. Dr. Barbara Leonard gave a report on the progress of the Faculty Council Ad Hoc Committee on Governance. The governance committee recommends that Loyola University Chicago institute a governance structure of University Policy Committees (UPCs) that would include faculty in all policy-making decisions. The idea of UPCs is borrowed from Santa Clara University, which was recognized by the AAUP for its governance structure earlier this year. It has been suggested that a UPC be formed to work with each Senior Vice President at Loyola University Chicago. The number of faculty would vary from UPC to UPC. The Budget Committee, approved by Fr. Piderit earlier this year, is an example of a UPC that is assigned to work with the Senior Vice President of Finance. It has also been suggested that the new Faculty Senate will appoint faculty to these committees, and that a faculty from each committee report to the Faculty Senate on a regular basis. The Constitution and By-Laws of the new Faculty Senate is progressing and will hopefully be ready for review of Faculty Council early in the Fall Semester. The executive committee endorsed the idea of instituting UPCs at Loyola University Chicago unanimously.

The closure of the Department of Biochemistry at the Medical School was discussed. The lack of faculty consultation and participation in the decision making process was found to be particularly troublesome. The lack of consultation with the CFA was also found troublesome. It was noted that if the University Policy Committees were approved and in place this situation would not have occurred.

The executive committee adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

The executive committee then met with Dr. Larry Braskamp from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.


Dr. Lawrence Braskamp, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Micael Clarke, A&S, English
Dr. Sarah Gable, A&S, Theater (Secretary)
Dr. Barbara Leonard, Accounting (Chair)
Dr. Gerald McDonald, A&S, Mathematics
Dr. Fred Morrison, A&S, Psychology (Vice-Chair)
Dr. Susan Ross, A&S, Theology
Dr. Allen Shoenberger, Law

1. Dr. Braskamp mentioned that the Austin Committee Report, "Planning for Academic Strength at Loyola University Chicago" is on the Web and that he would like comments on the report from faculty by November 1, 1999.

2. Dr. Braskamp distributed copies of the CRANE report, "Loyola University Chicago, Review and Reflection Paper" issued June 28, 1999. He also distributed copies of a paper written by Jon F. Wegin and Judi N. Swingen (Virginia Commonwealth University) titled "Evaluating Academic Departments: Best Practices, Institutional Implications" for our review.

3. Dr. Braskamp discussed faculty appointments to the Board of Trustees Committees and noted that new faculty selections were needed. The Academic Affairs Committee needs 5 faculty appointments. The existing faculty appointments to this committee are:

Ann Bugliani - appointed in FY '97
Linda Heath - appointed fy '96
Esther Jacobs - appointed fy '96
Walter Krolikowski, S.J., - appointed fy '97
Ralph Leischner - appointed fy '95.

Linda Heath and Ralph Leischner are off the committee and need to be replaced, and the others may be re-appointed or replaced.

Student Affairs Committee needs one new faculty member for appointment.

4. The Capital Budget committee needs a faculty member to be nominated. This committee meets six times a year. It was the sense of the executive committee that this selection should be made by the entire council and would be deferred until council meets on September 8.

5. The search for the new Associate Vice President of Research has begun. The search committee for the Senior Vice President of Finance is being formed.

6. The Lilly Foundation grant proposal was discussed. If funded, the proposal would provide Service Learning opportunities for Loyolans.

7. The Freshman enrollment was discussed. It appears that we will not meet our goal of 1250 new freshman.

8. The Mission of Loyola University Chicago needs to be articulated. We need further discourse on this subject with all Loyolans.

9. The downgrading of Loyola University Chicago's debt to AAA from AA was discussed. The report from Moody's was distributed to members of executive committee.

10. Dr. Braskamp assured the committee that the CFA's oversight of faculty salaries will continue to exist.

Minutes June 18,1999

The executive committee met with Dr. Braskamp and discussed the following topics:


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