Cellular Carbohydrates

  1. Before you come to lab:
    1. Check these links:
      1. Bregman describes the appearance (shape of nuclei, color of cytoplasmic contents) of formed elements in the blood (cells and platelets) stained by the Wright-Giemsa method.  In the lab you'll use the PAS technique to stain for carbohydrates in formed elements in the blood.  The LUMEN Website provides micrographs showing the morphology of several of the leucocytes that you will be studying in lab.  Figures 51-54 are stained using the Wright-Giemsa technique.  Figures 57-64 are EM's (electron micrographs) of a number of different leucocyte types.  Take a look at the Figures before class so you'll be ready to identify leucocytes and other formed elements during the lab period.
    2. Helpful hints on performing the lab. Note: You will be looking at your PAS stained slides 1 week after you make the slides.
      1. Notice the color of this font - it is magenta (purplish red) - the color of a positive PAS test!   A negative test is colorless. Remember - for ease of detection, scientists have designed many biological assays so that color changes indicate whether or not a reaction has taken place.

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