Lab Manual: The lab manual is on line.  Please make sure to print a copy to bring to lab each week.




All students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty in this course.  Students must prepare their own Labora­tory Reports using data that they themselves have collected during the fall 2001 laboratory period.  The penalty for plagiarism is a grade of  zero on the assignment.  Plagiarism includes not only quoting directly from published sources or the work of other students without proper citation, but also para­phrasing the work of others.  See the 2001 Loyola Undergraduate Catalogue for a discussion and definition of plagiarism and paraphrasing.  The penalty for any other form of academic dishonesty is a failing grade in the course. 




There will be no opportunity to make up missed labs. Laboratory Reports will not be accepted from persons not in attendance for the actual perfor­mance of the experiments.




Instructor: Arden Davidson - Office hours: Rm. 825D, Damen Hall, Tuesday 9:30a.m. –10:30a.m.  If you wish to see me at a different time, please make an appointment.  If you wish to leave me a message - see Pam Bradley, the Departmental secretary, or call her at 8-3623.  You can also contact me via GroupWise.




Grading scale:


A         90-100

B           80-89

C           70-79

D           60-69

F             0-59


Point distribution:


Exams I and II                                                  60

Quizzes                                                              5

Group Reports                                                 18

Individual Lab Assignments                                 7

Formal Laboratory Reports (1)                          5       

            Library Assignment                                             5



Total Points                                                    100%



Two examinations will be given during the course.  Exams consist of short answer questions, calculations and interpretation of data based on the lab exercises and on classroom discussion. You cannot make up exams unless you have a serious illness and bring a letter of explanation from the attending physician to your instructor.  The letter must be on official letterhead, be signed by the physician and include the date of the illness.  Please supply the physician's phone number so that the instructor can verify your excuse with the physician.  You should notify the instructor before the exam if you are unable to attend because of illness.

Note:  A short test of your ability to use the polygraph may be given in conjunction with the written portion of the exam.  You could be asked to record and analyze traces on a polygraph machine.




Two short unannounced quizzes will be given during the semester.  Quizzes will be given at the beginning of the period and may not be made up if you come in late. The quizzes may cover material from the previous week's lab as well as from the current week's lab




            Lab reports:

Two types of reports will be submitted during the semester.   Notice that there is a “Report”  section consisting of Questions, Data sheets, etc. following each exercise in the laboratory handout.

1)      Group lab reports: (a) Each group will turn in a carbon copy of the data collected by the group at the end of the period in which the lab was performed.  (b)Then, each group will turn in the “Report” section of the exercise one week after the exercise is performed.. Material to be handed in includes data recorded during lab (the original copy - not carbon copy) and answers to questions posed by the lab handout.  Each group should work on the reports collectively.   You should all get together to work through the assignments, but each week a different student in the group will be responsible for completing and submitting the report.  All students who worked together on the exercise must approve and sign the report that is handed in; the student responsible for submitting the report for the particular week should sign first and place an asterisk after his/her signature.


2)      Individual Lab Assignments:  From time to time, you will be asked to hand in answers to questions from the “Report” section of the lab exercise individually.  The questions are italicized.  The answers should be written on the report sheet and handed in at the end of the period in which the experiment is performed.


3)      Formal Laboratory Report:  You will write up two lab exercises "Human Cardiovascular Physiology” and "Amphibian Neuromuscular Physiology" as formal reports. See “Format for formal lab report” for details.                   


            Library Assignment:  See "Library Assignment" handout for details.