Library Assignment – Fall 2001


The assignment consists of using a computerized search to locate a research article.  You should start looking for an appropriate article as soon as possible. 




Go to the Sullivan Science Library and, using a computer­ized search (Biological Abstracts, Medline), find an original re­search paper on a physiological subject.  The article should be related to one of the topics covered in the Biology 350 laboratory course. Your summary should not exceed 2 pages but should be divided into the four sections routinely found in a research paper (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion) with a short summary of the material from each section of the article. This assignment is due at the beginning of the lab on 10/17 (Wednesday class) and 10/18 (Thursday class).


Please write your summary using a word processor.  Use a 12 point font, standard 1-inch margins, and double space your paper.   At the top of the page write your name and the day you have lab.  Then identify the article selected (author, title, journal name, volume, page, year of publication) and finally write a concise but complete summary of the article as specified above.  Be sure to use your own words when writing the summary - do not quote or paraphrase without citing the author - i.e., avoid plagiarizing!   Please include a copy of your article and a copy of your search path.