Drawing of an Eye

Psyc/Biol 240 - Psychology and Biology of Perception
Stuff from Class Lectures

. This section includes lecture outlines and some of the overheads and demonstrations shown in class. It is not a substitute for class lectures, it is intended only to help you organize your notes.

The material is organized into five sections reflecting the topics covered for each of the five exams.

. Section 1 - Material covered for Exam 1
Topics: Introduction/Overview, The Nature of Light, The Anatomy of the Eye, Lens Systems, The Eye as an Optical Instrument, Vision Problems Associated With the Eye, The Retina - Photoreceptors, Photopic and Scotopic Vision
. Section 2 - Material covered for Exam 2
Topics: Studying the Perceptual Process - Methods, Basics of Neural Function, Ganglion Cell Receptive Fields, Lateral Inhibition and Perception, Visual Pathways in the Brain, Higher Level Visual Processing (Visual Cortex, V1)
. Section 3 - Material covered for Exam 3
Topics: Spatial Frequency Theory/Multiple Channels Model, Gestalt Rules of Perceptual Organization, Perception of Shape and Objects, Color Vision - Additive vs. Subtractive Color Mixture, Trichromacy, Opponent Process Theory
. Section 4 - Material covered for Exam 4
Topics: Depth/Distance Perception - Monocular Cues, Binocular Cues, Illusions of Depth/ Distance/Size, Size Constancy, Perception of Motion - Image/Retina System, Eye/Head System, Corollary Discharge Theory
. Section 5 - Material covered for Exam 5
Topics: The Nature of Sound, The Anatomy of the Ear, Transduction of Acoustic Energy into Neural Impulses, Hearing Loss, How the Brain Perceives Pitch, How the Brain Perceives Loudness, Sound Localization, Auditory Scene Analysis

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