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Psyc/Biol 240 - Psychology and Biology of Perception
Links to Other Web Pages about Perception

. Click on any of the items to go there. Be aware that depending on what kind of computer and plug-ins you have, you may or may not be able to correctly view the demonstrations on some of these sites.
Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World - A series of short articles and demonstrations about the senses, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
VisionScience - This site contains a lot of the demonstrations that I show in class. When you get to the Home page, click on "Demonstrations" in the menu on the left side of the screen.
The Joy of Visual Perception - Lots of demonstrations, pictures, and explanations of aspects of vision, by Dr. Peter Kaiser at York University.
Visionary - A dictionary of terminology used in the study of human and animal vision, by Lars Liden at Boston University.
Webvision - A comprehensive compilation of information about the human retina. If you want to know just how infinitely more complicated the visual system is than what you hear about in class (and are responsible for learning), visit this site. From the University of Utah.
Parmly Hearing Institute - The website of our (Loyola's) very own world-class institute for hearing research.
Boys Town National Research Hospital - a major center for hearing research.
RGB Insufficiency - Two Materials - Metamers - To run these, you may need to download the Java plugin once you get to the demonstration webpage (click on "Run with Java plugin" in the "Execution" menu on the left side of the page.) In class, I use the RGB Insufficiency web site to demonstrate how the apparent color of an object depends not only on its reflectance, but also on the wavelength composition of the light hitting the object. Click here for instructions if you have trouble getting the demonstrations to work. These demonstrations are from the Department of Computer Science at Brown University.
Molecular Expressions: Light and Color - This web site contains descriptions of the physics of light and optics (how lenses work), by Olympus America Inc. and The Florida State University.
Loss of Central Vision - A demonstration of how macular degeneration affects central vision, from Retina International.
Loss of Peripheral Vision - A demonstration of how retinitis pigmentosa affects peripheral vision, from Retina International.
Integrative Neuroscience - Some nice pictures illustrating various aspects of retinal processing, by Dr. Tres Thompson at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Physical Factors Behind the Action Potential - A basic review of the physics and chemistry of action potentials, by Dr. John Krantz at Hanover College.
The Action Potential - A more advanced description of the action potential, by Peter Shizgal at Concordia University.
Lights, Camera, Action Potential!! - Another description of the action potential, by Dr. Eric Chudler at the University of Washington.
Visual Search - This is the demonstration of a typical Visual Search experiment that I show you in class, by Dr. Greg Francis at Purdue University.
Colorblindness Test - Ishihara Plates, a popular test for colorblindness, provided by Applied Inspection, Ltd.
The Soundry: Interactive Sound Lab - This is one of the sound demonstrations I use in class, from ThinkQuest.org. It only works in Internet Explorer, not in Netscape, at this point in time.
An Auditory Tour - This site allows you view the UW Auditory Tour (which I use in class.) From John Brugge at the University of Wisconsin.

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