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Psychology and Biology of Perception
Psyc/Biol 240

This Web site is updated as frequently as possible. HOWEVER, changes to the exam schedule, reading assignments, or exam review terms may be announced in class and then not appear on this site. Therefore, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WHEN THERE IS A CONFLICT BETWEEN CLASS ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS SITE, THE CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT IS THE FINAL WORD. If you miss class, please call or email the instructor (see below) to get updated information.
. This Web page is for students enrolled in the PSYC/BIOL 240 course taught by Anne Sutter.
Syllabus, schedule, topic, and other information may differ for other sections of Psyc/Biol 240.
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Syllabus - Course Information
Syllabus - Schedule of Topics/Exams with reading assignments for the 7th edition of the text (white cover)
Syllabus - Schedule of Topics/Exams with reading assignments for the 6th edition of the text (purple cover)
Review Terms for Each Exam
Stuff From Class (lecture outlines, demonstrations, some explanations, some links.)
Links to Other Web Pages about Vision and Audition

. Instructor: Dr. Anne Sutter
Phone: (773)508-3012 (but e-mail me instead)
Office: 612 Damen Hall
E-mail: asutter@luc.edu (I prefer this method of communication)

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Send questions to asutter@luc.edu.
Updated January 8, 2007.

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