Step-by-Step Instructions on FTPing your HTML andImage File
(gif, jpg)
files to ORION and Setting Proper File Permissions


  1. Make sure the HTML and all image files associated with the HTML file are present on you floppy disk.
  2. Open the File Transfer Program (FTP). On a Windows NT machine FTP should be located in the "Internet Tools" Folder. To find this folder(click here for a graphic), from the start menu, go to Loyola Software.
  3. If it doesn't automatically put you into the "session properties" window, click on the "connect" buttom at the bottom left of the screen to launch the "session properties" window.
  4. Hostname and/or profile name should be set to "orion" (Click here for a graphic)
  5. Enter your User ID (i.e. "dfelici")
  6. Enter your password
  7. Under the "local system" part of the screen scroll down and double click on "a" to reveal the files saved to your floppy disk.
  8. Under the "remote system" part of the screen double click on your .web directory. (You should have created this directory in class).
  9. Highlight the file you wish to transfer to orion under the "local system" part of the screen.
  10. Press the arrow buttom which points to the "remote system" part of the screen.
  11. Your file should transfer into your .web directory.
  12. Repeat steps 7-10 for all HTML documents and image file (.gif or.jgp) you wish to transfer.
Telneting to Orion & Changing File Permissions

**Note: You can also connect to orion from the "Internet Tools" folder in the Loyola Software Folder available from the Start Menu.  Below explains an alternative way to connect.

    Open Netscape
  1. In the location field where you usually enter a URL, enter "telnet://"
  2. This should launch a telnet window on top of the Netscape window.
  3. At the "login" prompt enter your login ID
  4. At the "password" prompt enter your Orion password.
  5. You should now be connected to Orion.
  6. At the prompt enter "cd .web" This changes your directory from your root directory to your  .web directory
  7. Type "ls"
  8. You should now see a list of all the files you have in your .web directory including the file or files you just FTPed.
  9. Type "chmod 664" followed by the name of the file you just transfered. For example, if you just transfered a file called "sample.html" from your floppy disk to orion type "chmod 664 sample.html"
  10. This will change your file permissions so that you can read and write to the file while others can only read it.
  11. You will need to repeat steps 10 and 11 for every file you transfer to orion.