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College Physics [Phys 112] – Spring 2006

            Section 011:  Lecture & Discussion M, W 7:00 – 8:45 pm 

            Section 010: Lecture & Discussion: M, W, F 2:45 - 3:35 pm; Th 2:30 - 3:20 pm


Course Description:

The College Physics Sequence [Phys 111 & 112] is a year long introduction to physics which is non-calculus based. Required preparation is a good background in high school algebra, and some trigonometry. [Students desiring review materials on mathematics required should visit our site at: Click here .] This course provides an introduction to Classical Physics (pre-1900 physics) with an emphasis on Mechanics, and  Electricity & Magnetism. This foundation should provide the student with the necessary tools to approach topics in Modern Physics (post-1900), such as Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Relativity, etc.

Physics 112:

Subject Matter

Time Allocation

Electricity & Magnetism




Selected Topics in Modern Physics                10%

Electricity & Magnetism: The basic classical theory of E&M (via - Maxwell) is introduced. Electrical forces and fields are studied, as well as the behavior of charged entities within these fields. Practical applications including dc circuits, and circuit elements are presented. Behavior of basic circuit elements such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors are studied. Magnetic phenomena (forces and fields) are analyzed, and the fundamental induction laws of Faraday and Lenz are presented. Time dependent circuits (both dc and ac) are presented, and the section closes with an analysis of oscillatory e&m circuits, resonance, and electro-magnetic waves.

Optics: Light (electromagnetic radiation) is described by three models: the 'ray' picture; the 'wave' model, and the 'particle' (photon) picture. The ray model of light is of immense practical importance and covers behavior of mirrors, lenses, and many optical instruments. This area of Optics is called Geometrical Optics, and forms the basis of our summary material on Optics.

Selected Topics in Modern Physics: With a foundation in classical physics (principally mechanics and e&m), we then investigate the inadeqacies of these classical models. Four summary topics are presented to illustrate some of the developments in physics in the 20th century: a) Special Relativity, b) The Photon, c) Nuclear Physics, d) Quantum Mechanics.


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