Turkish Elections at Province Level (TEPL) Dataset

The TEPL dataset provides election results and electoral for the Turkish parliamentary elections conducted between 1980 and 2012 (8 elections). See the codebook. It is available in time-series cross-sectional format as a STATA file and wide format as an EXCEL file.


Tehran Surveys (2003 & 2008)

The Tehran Survey 2008 is available as a STATA file. See the codebook.


How much democracy exists in Iran?
  2005 WVS Iran 2008 Tehran
(1-2)/Not al all 14 17
(3-4)/A little 20 32
(5-6)/To a limited extent 37 33
(7-8)/Exists 21 13
(9-10)/ Very much exists 8 5
Number of Respondents 2,625 537

All numbers are in percentages except for the last row. In the 2005 Iranian World Values Survey (WVS), people are asked “how democratic is your country?” On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 stands for not democratic at all, 10 for completely democratic. In the Tehran 2008 survey, people are asked, “in your opinion, how much democracy exists in the country?” “Don’t Knows” and “No Answers” are coded as missing data.



Kurdish Insurgency Related Deaths

Insurgency Deaths

Kurdish Insurgency Recruitment

The dataset used in the "When Democratization Radicalizes? The Kurdish Nationalist Movement" Journal of Peace Research (November 2010) 47: 775-89 is available here.

Kurdish Insurgency Cohorts