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CLST 277: The World of Late Antiquity

Fall Semester 2013
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Diocletian, portrait head c 284 from Nicomedia, Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, photo J. Long

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

MWF 10:25am - 11:15am
Dumbach Hall 231


M 8/26 Introduction: Entering the Roman World
W 8/28 Empire and Change in the Third Century
  • Cameron, Ch. I "Introduction"
  • Study resource: the Imperial Index of the DIR - dates, most-familiar forms of the names, and links to peer-edited scholarly overviews of the emperors, their reigns, sources, and scholarly bibliography (a good place to start following up on emperors: they make a good sequence of identities to organize chronology around)
  • Study questions
  • Individually, prepare SQ3R Grid for documents in reading assignment for Friday 8/30, to submit in class Friday 8/30; cf. SQ3R for Primary-Source Coursework for fuller explanation of the method
F 8/30 Old-Time Religions
  • Lee, items # 1.1-14, 8.1
  • SQ3R Grid of today's reading assignment due today! (done thoughtfully and written notes kept in good order, this method of reading-preparation can promote learning, reduce stress, and support successful displays of learning such as on exams; it is always recommended, whether or not it is assigned to be checked)
  • Study questions
  • Resolve to begin thinking about the collaborative research project
M 9/2 Labor Day: no classes
W 9/4 Christian Conversion in Roman Society
F 9/6 Religious Enforcement by Decius
M 9/9 The Formation of the Tetrarchy
W 9/11 Imperial Care for the Economy
F 9/13 The Great Persecution
M 9/16 Christian Polemical History: Persecuting Emperors
W 9/18 Christian Polemical History: Evidence and Spin
F 9/20 Christian Polemical History: Assessing Evidence
M 9/23 Constantine: Documentary Snapshots
W 9/25 Constantine in Context?
F 9/27 Exam I
M 9/30 The "Rhetoric" of Imperial Capitals
W 10/2 Coming after Constantine: Imperial Power and Roman Religion
F 10/4 Junior Emperor
M 10/7 - T 10/8 Mid-Semester Break: no classes
W 10/9 It was a Dark and Stormy Empire: Contemporary Narrative History
  • Ammianus Marcellinus, Books 14.1-15.6 (part review)
  • SQ3R Grid of today's reading assignment due today!
  • Study questions
F 10/11 The Subject in Roman History
  • Ammianus Marcellinus, Books 15.5 (review); 18.4-19.9; the very last paragraph of 31.16
  • Study questions
M 10/14 Roman Society and Its Discontents
W 10/16 Catch a Rising Star
F 10/18 Julian the Retrograde
M 10/21 The Tangled Beard: Cultural Ideals and Sophisticated Urbanity
W 10/23 A Boy's Life in Roman North Africa
F 10/25 Monnica and Women's Christianity
M 10/28 Late Antique Aesthetics and Culture
W 10/30 Pleasures
F 11/1 (transposed session) Swimming with Manichees
M 11/4 (transposed session) Imperial Transitions
  • Cameron, Ch. VII "The Late Roman State"
  • Lee, items # 5.9, 5.10, 6.1
  • Study questions
W 11/6 (transposed session) Exam II
F 11/8 Rome's Army
M 11/11
Happy Armistice Day!
Bad Neighbors: Violence and Corruption in International Relations
W 11/13 The Controversial Altar of Victory
  • Symmachus, Referral 3 (Vanderspoel's "Relation" in the title here Anglicizes the Latin, relatio, a technical term for a magistrate's letter referring some matter to the emperor's central administration for official advice - it has nothing except etymology to do with the current English word "relation")
  • Ambrose, Letters XVII and XVIII (again, Vanderspoel)
  • Study resources - visualization:
    • Victory, marble, between 240-190 BC, from Samothrace, now in the Louvre: in modern times the most famous image of Victory from the ancient Greek or Roman world (Wikimedia Commons, posted by Marie-Lan Nguyen)
    • Victory, marble relief, AD 315, Arch of Constantine, Rome (photo Roy Winkelman, ClipPix ETC, Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida)
    • pagan worship, ivory diptych of the Nicomachi and Symmachi (WikiMedia Commons, posted by user "Marsyas")
  • Collaborative Research Project presentation today: Particular Places
  • Study questions
F 11/15 Ambrose the Bishop
M 11/18 Augustine in Milan
W 11/20 Giving it up for God
F 11/22 Platonic and Desiring Christianity
M 11/25 Christians and Jews
W 11/27 - Sa 11/30 Thanksgiving holiday: no classes
M 12/2 Holy Places: Contact and Transcendence
W 12/4 Ambrose and Theodosius: Articulating the Powers of Church and State
F 12/6 Legacy of the Later Roman Empire
M 12/9
9:00am - 11:00am
Final examination.
See Loyola's Final Exam Schedule.
Loyola University's Undergraduate Studies Catalog provides that instructors do not have authority to re-schedule final examinations under any circumstances; if your course-schedule results in your facing four (4) final exams on a single day, you may petition Assistant Dean Manzano to have one (1) of the four re-scheduled on the authority of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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