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LATN 389: Archaic Latin

Spring Semester 2005

Lapis Niger, 6c BC(?), Rome

The articulation of language literally expresses thought; verbal transmission of ideas inextricably depends on its structures. In the case of Latin, how did these structures evolve?

Our work together will pursue three main aims (plus the fourth, of enjoying the activity of learning):

Crown Center 553
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Office Hours:
MWF 1:40-2:30 PM or by appointment
Crown Center 553

Target text

Schedule of Assignments

T 1/18 First day of the semester's classes.
F 3/25 - M 3/28 Easter holiday: no classes.
F 5/6 Last day of the semester's classes.
W 5/10 Study day.
S 5/14
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Absolute University deadline for completion of all final exercises:
see Loyola's Final Exam Schedule;
specific and somewhat earlier course deadline to be determined.

Grades will be based on:
Reading and translation skills (informal and formal assessment) 33⅓%
Tutorial research: informal presentation and discussion 33⅓%
Formal research paper (topic developed from tutorial sessions) 33⅓%
The "midterm grade" will reflect the weighted average, pro-rated, of the components completed to date: participation, homework and quizzes to date and the midterm exam.


Meeting times will be determined by mutual agreement, according to the needs and progress of investigation; normally we will expect to meet at least once each week. In no case may more than one week of class-time go by without a meeting for reading and discussion. Please let me know as early as possible if any difficulty of meeting arises (illness, non-negotiable appointments). Once we establish a regular schedule for meeting, we will endeavor to schedule other obligations around our times.

Internet resources

Academic integrity

Any practice of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, obstructing the work of other students, etc.) perpetrated in this course will result in failure of the coures. Do not do it.

For basic principles and definitions, see the subsection on "Academic Integrity" in the section of the Undergraduate Studies Catalogue outlining General Academic Standards and Regulations (scroll down). There's also a helpful webpage on Avoiding Plagiarism, provided by UC-Davis, to which Loyola's Writing Center refers.

Loyola University requires that "all instances of academic dishonesty must be reported to the chairperson of the department involved"; relevant procedures are outlined in the last paragraph of the "Academic Integrity" subsection.

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