Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry

Ken Olsen

Olsen Research Group

Current projects in the group:

Ben Pintea - Catalase – hemoglobin complex

Steve Golden – RAS conformational change

Frank White – Hb- dye complex for photodynamic theray (with Claudia Davila and Dave Crumrine)

Irfan Raziuddin – Hb polymer via avidin

Shuhash Harwani – Hb octomers via Traut’s reagent

Reem Shakir – HIV protease conformational change

Nana Owusu – LDH conformational change

Marian Adly – XL binding to Hb via TRAVEL

Amina Habeb – Allosteric change in phosphorylase

Naeemah Ricks – conformational change in enolase

Melissa Kruper – catalase purification and crosslinking

Anna-Paullyn Ferrer – enolase calculations

Grzegorz Gawlak – tetralinker synthesis

KWO – allosteric transition of hemoglobin

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