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(notably): Wyclif : Luther : Calvin :


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RECENT ADDITIONS:   quite a number of commentaries on Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; John Wyclif(fe); Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (ALL VOLUMES!); Martin Luther (many volumes); Augustine; Rabbinic Judaism; Migne, PG (most volumes now linked); Migne, PL (MOST volumes now linked); more volumes of Schaff-Herzog and the REPTK (immediately below)


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PARALLEL RESOURCES:  Note the Index and links to the Bibliothek des Litterarischen Vereins in Stuttgart - a massive collection of medieval (and later) German texts - now at the German Wikipedia



E. G. Chazon et al.(eds.), Things Revealed: Studies In Early Jewish And Christian Literature In Honor Of Michael E. Stone  (Leiden, 2004) [link]

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The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

  • vol. 1 [Aachen - Basilians] (1908) [link]
  • vol. 2 [Basilica - Chambers] (1908) [link]
  • vol. 3 [Chamier - Draendorf] (1909) [link]
  • vol. 4 [Draeseke - Goa] (1909) [link]
  • vol. 5 [Goar - Innocent] (1909) [link]
  • vol. 6 [Innocents - Liudger] (1910) [link]
  • vol. 7 [Liutprand - Moralities] [link]
  • vol. 8 [Morality - Petersen] (1910) [link]
  • vol. 9 [Petri - Reuchlin] (1911) [link]
  • vol. 10 [Reuch - Son of God] (1911) [link]
  • vol. 11 [Son of Man - Tremellius] (1911) [link]
  • vol. 12 [Trench - Zwingli; appendix] (1912) [link]


Real-Encyklopädie für protestantische Theologie und Kirche, 3rd ed.

  • vol. 1 [A W - Aretas] (1896) [link]
  • vol. 3 [Bibelübersetzungen - Christenverfolgungen] (1897) [link]
  • vol. 4 [Christiani - Dorothea] (1898) [link]
  • vol. 5 [Dositheus - Felddiakonie] (1898) [link]
  • vol. 7 [Gottesdienst - Hess] (1899) [link]
  • vol. 8 [Hesse - Jesuitinnen] (1899) [link]
  • vol. 9 [Jesus Christus - Kanon Muratori] () [link]
  • vol. 11 [Konstantinische Schenkung - Luther] (1902) [link]
  • vol. 12 [Lutheraner - Methodismus] (1903) [link]
  • vol. 13 [Methodismus in Amerika - Neoplatonismus] (1903) [link]
  • vol. 14 [Newman - Patrimonium Petri] (1904) [link]
  • vol. 17 [Riesen - Schutzheiliger] (1906) [link]
  • vol. 18 [Schwabacher Artikel - Stephan II] (1906) [link]
  • vol. 19 [Stephan III - Tonsur] (1907) [link]


Real-Encyklopädie für protestantische Theologie und Kirche, 2nd ed.

  • vol. 10 [Millitsch - Österreich] (1882) [link]
  • vol. 12 [Pius II - Ring] (1883) [link]
  • vol. 15 [Styliten - Tregelles] (1885) [link]
  • vol. 16 [Tremellius - Westminster Synode] (1885) [link]
  • vol. 17 [Westphal - Zwingli + Nachträge:  Abbot - Hamberger] (1886) [link]


Real-Encyklopädie für protestantische Theologie und Kirche

  • vol. 5 [Gemeinschaft - Hermeneutik] (1856) [link]
  • vol. 6 [Hermes - Jonas] (1856) [link]


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J. S. Porter, The Principles of Textual Criticism with Their Application to the Old and New Testaments (London, 1848) [link]




Journal of Theological Studies


1 (1900) [link]

2 (1901) [link]

3 (1902) [link]

4 (1903) [link]

5 (1904) [link]

6 (1905) [link]

7 (1906)

8 (1907) [link]

9 (1908) [link]

10 (1909) [snippet view]

11 (1910) [snippet view]

12 (1911) [snippet view]

13 (1912) [snippet view]

* (1926) [snippet view]

* (1939) [snippet view]

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* (1945) [snippet view]

* (1949) [snippet view]





L. J. Mykytiuk, Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200-539 B.C.E. (Leiden, 2004) [link]

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1-2 Samuel

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Ecclesiasticus [= (Wisdom of) Ben Sira]

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Ordo Missae secundum missale Romanum, ed. H. Lietzmann, Kleine Texte 19 (Bonn, 1906) [link]

E. Renaudot (ed.), Liturgiarum Orientalium collectio, 2nd ed., vol. 1 (Frankfurt am Main, 1842) [link]


Scriptores Ecclesiastici Minores saec. IV. V. VI., ed. E. Bratke, CSEL 45 (Vienna, 1904) [link]


Prophetarum Vitae Fabulosae, ed. Schermann (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1907) [link]


M. J. Routh, Reliquiae Sacrae, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1814) [link]; vol. 4 (Oxford, 1818) [link]; 2nd ed., vol. 1 (Oxford, 1846) [link]; vol. 2 (Oxford, 1846) [link]; vol. 3 (Oxford, 1846) [link]; vol. 4 (Oxford, 1846) [link]


Lateinische Christliche Inschriften, mit einem Anhang jüdischer Inschriften, ed. E. Diehl, Kleine Texte 26-28 (Bonn, 1908) [link]


Guillon, Collectio selecta…Patrum [Greek works appear in Lat. translation; this collection was superseded by Migne's]

  • vol. 1 [Apost. Fathers vol. 1, incl. Justin Martyr] (Brussels, 1829) [link];
  • bound with vol. 2 [Apost. Fathers vol. 2 = Tatian, Athenag., Theoph., Hermias, Irenaeus]
  • vol. 3 [Iren. cont'd; Min. Fel.; Clem. Alex.] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • bound with vol. 4 [Clem. Alex. Strom.; Hippolytus] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • vol. 5 [Tertullian - TOC] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • bound with vol. 6 [Tertullian - TOC] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • vol. 7 [Origen vol. 1 - Letters; de princ.; de orat.; exhort. ad mart.] (Brussels, 1829) [link];
  • bound with vol. 8 [Origen vol. 2 - c. Cels.; hom.] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • vol. 9 [Origen vol. 3 - exegetical works on Gen.-Num.] (Brussels, 1829) [link]
  • bound with vol. 10 [Origen - exeg. on Joshua-Isaiah] (Brussels, 1829) [link]


Migne, Patrologia Graeca [NB also this online Index Auctorum of PG]


PG 1: Clem. Rom. [link]

PG 2: Clem. R. etc. [link]

PG 3: Ps.-Dion. [link]

PG 4: Ps.-Dion. [link]

PG 5: Ignat. etc. [link]

PG 6: Apol. [snippet view]

PG 7a: Iren.

PG 7b: Iren.

PG 8: Clem. Alex. [link]

PG 9: Clem. Alex. [link]

PG 10: [snippet view]

PG 11: Orig. [snippet view]

PG 12: Origen [link]

PG 13: Origen [link]

PG 14: Origen [link] - garbled page sequences

PG 15: Origen [link]

PG 16a: Origen [link]

PG 16b: Origen [snippet view]

PG 16c: Origen [link]

PG 17: Origen [link]

PG 18: [snippet view]

PG 19: Euseb. [link]

PG 20: Euseb. [link]

PG 21: Eus. [snippet view]

PG 22: Euseb. [link]

PG 23: Euseb.

PG 24: Euseb. [link]

PG 25: Athanas. [link]

PG 26: Athanas. [link]

PG 27: Athanas. [link]

PG 28: Athanas. [link]

PG 29: Basil [link]

PG 30: Basil [link]

PG 31: Basil [link]

PG 32: Basil [link]

PG 33: Cyr. Jer. etc. [link]

PG 34: [link]

PG 35: Greg. Naz. [link]

PG 36: Greg. Naz. [link]

PG 37: Greg. Naz. [link]

PG 38: Greg. Naz. [link]

PG 39: [link]

PG 40: [link]

PG 41: Epiph. [link]

PG 42: Epiph. [link]

PG 43: Epiph. [link]

PG 44: Greg. Nyss. [link]

PG 45: Greg. Nyss. [link]

PG 46: Greg. Nyss. [link]

PG 47: Chrys. [link]

PG 48: Chrys. [link]

PG 49: Chrys. [link]

PG 50: Chrys. [link]

PG 51: Chrys. [link]

PG 52: Chrys. [link]

PG 53: Chrys. [link]

PG 54: Chrys. [link]

PG 55: Chrys. [link]

PG 56: Chrys. [link]

PG 57: Chrys. [link]

PG 58: Chrys. [link]

PG 59: Chrys. [link]

PG 60: Chrys. [link]

PG 61: Chrys. [link]

PG 62: Chrys[snippet view]

PG 63: Chrys. [link]

PG 64: Chrys. etc. [link]

PG 65: [link]

PG 66: [link]

PG 67: Soc.; Soz. [link]

PG 68: Cyril [link]

PG 69: Cyril [link]

PG 70: [snippet view]

PG 71: Cyril [link]

PG 72: Cyril [link]

PG 73: Cyril [link]

PG 74: Cyril [link]

PG 75: Cyril [link]

PG 76: Cyril [link]

PG 77: Cyril etc. [link]

PG 78: Isidore etc. [link]

PG 79: Nilus [link]

PG 80: [snippet view]

PG 81: [snippet view]

PG 82: [snippet view]

PG 83: [snippet view]

PG 84: [snippet view]

PG 85: [link]

PG 86a: [link]

PG 86b:

PG 87a: Procop. [link]

PG 87b: Procop. [link]

PG 87c: Procop. etc. [link]

PG 88:

PG 89: [link]

PG 90: Maximus Ab [link]

PG 91:

PG 92: [snippet view]

PG 93:

PG 94: Joh. Dam. [link]

PG 95: Joh. Dam. [link]

PG 96: Joh. D. etc. [link]

PG 97: Malalas etc. [link]

PG 98:

PG 99: Thd. Stud. [link]

PG 100: [link]

PG 101: Photius [link]

PG 102: Photius [link]

PG 103:

PG 104: Photius [link]

PG 105: [snippet view]

PG 106: [link]

PG 107: Leo Imp. [link]

PG 108: [link]

PG 109:

PG 110: [link]

PG 111: [link]

PG 112: C. Porph. [link]

PG 113: [link]

PG 114: Sym. Met. [link]

PG 115: Sym. Met. [link]

PG 116: Sym. Met. [link]

PG 117: [link]

PG 118: Oecum. [link]

PG 119: Oecum. etc. [link]

PG 120: [link]

PG 121: Geo. Cedr. [link]

PG 122: Psellus etc. [link]

PG 123: Thphlct [link]

PG 124: Thphlct [link]

PG 125:

PG 126:

PG 127: [link]

PG 128:

PG 129: Euth. Z. [link]

PG 130: Euth. Z. [link]

PG 131: Euth. Z.etc. [link]

PG 132: [link]

PG 133: [link]

PG 134: J. Zonaras [link]

PG 135: [link]

PG 136: Eust. etc. [link]

PG 137: Thd. Bals. [link]

PG 138:

PG 139: [link]

PG 140: [link]

PG 141: [link]

PG 142: [snippet view]

PG 143: [link]

PG 144: [link]

PG 145: [link]

PG 146: [link]

PG 147: [link]

PG 148: [link]

PG 149: [link]

PG 150: [link]

PG 151: [link]

PG 152: [link]

PG 153: J. Cantac. [link]

PG 154: [link]

PG 155: Sym. Thess. [link]

PG 156: [link]

PG 157: [link]

PG 158: [link]

PG 159: [link]

PG 160: [link]

PG 161: Bessarion [link]



Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae

[Numbering of volumes differs in different libraries:  I have ordered these according to the volume number printed in the University of California's copy, where such a copy is viewable; in brackets, unbolded, appears the volume numbers according to the University of Cincinnati's system.]


1 [1]: Agathias, ed. Niebuhr (Bonn, 1828) [link] [alt. link]

2: Anna Comnena, ed. Schopen, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1839) [link]

3: Anna Comnena, ed. A. Rifferscheid, vol. 2 (Bonn,  1878) [link] [alt. link]

4 [36]: Michael Attaliota, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1853) [link] [alt. link]

5 [23]: Ioannes Cantacuzenus, ed. Schopen, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1828) [link]

6 [24]: Ioannes Cantacuzenus, ed. Schopen, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1831) [link]

7 [25]: Ioannes Cantacuzenus, ed. Schopen, vol. 3 (Bonn, 1832) [link] [alt. link]

[8?] [13]: Georgius Cedrenus, ed. Bekker, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1838) [link]

9 [14]: Georgius Cedrenus, ed. Bekker, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1839) [link]

10 [32]: Laonicus Chalcondyles, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1843) [link]

[11?] [4]: Chronicon Paschale, ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1832) [link]

[12?] [5]: Chronicon Paschale, ed. Dindorf, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1832) [link]

13 [26]: Ioannes Cinnamus, Nicephorus Bryennius, ed. Meineke (Bonn, 1836) [link] [alt. link]

14 [15]: Codinus Curopalates, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1839) [link] [alt. link]

15 [16]: Georgius Codinus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1843) [link]

16 [7]: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, ed. Bekker, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1829) [link]

[17?] [8]: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1830) [link]

[18?] [9]: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, ed. Bekker vol. 3 [+ Hierocles, Synecdemus] (Bonn, 1840) [link]

19 [10]: Dexippus, Eunapius, Petrus Patricius, etc., ed. Bekker and Niebuhr (Bonn, 1829) [link]

20 [11]: Ducas, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1834) [link]

21 [12]: Ephraemius, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1840) [link]

22 [20]: Georgius Syncellus, Nicephorus Cp., ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1829) [link]

23 [21]: Georgius Syncellus, Nicephorus Cp., ed. Dindorf (Bonn, 1829) [link]

24 [37]: Michael Glycas, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1836) [link] [alt. link]

[25?] [38]: Nicephorus Gregoras, ed. Schopen, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1829) [link] [alt. link]

26 [39]: Nicephorus Gregoras, ed. Schopen, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1830) [link] [alt. link]

[27?] [40]: Nicephorus Gregoras, ed. Bekker, vol. 3 (Bonn, 1855) [link]

28 [22]:  Historia Politica et Patriarchica Constantinopoleos; Epirotica (Bonn, 1849) [link] [alt. link]

29 [27]: Ioannes Lydus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1837) [link] [alt. link]

30 [33]: Leo Diaconus etc., ed. Hase (Bonn, 1828) [link]

31 [34]: Leo Grammaticus, Eustathius, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1842) [link] [alt. link]

32 [28]: Ioannes Malalas, ed. Dindorf (Bonn, 1831) [link] [alt. link]

33 [6]: Constantinus Manasses, Ioel, Georgius Acropolita, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1837) [link] [alt. link]

34 [35]: Merobaudes, Corippus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1836) [link] [alt. link]

35 [41]: Nicetas Choniates, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1835) [link]

36 [17]: Georgius Pachymeres, ed. Bekker, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1835) [link]

37 [18]: Georgius Pachymeres, ed. Bekker, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1835) [link] [alt. link]

38 [42]: Paulus Silentiarius, George Pisida, Nicephorus Cpolitanus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1837) [link]

39 [19]: Georgius Phrantzes, Ioannes Cananus, Ioannes Anagnostes, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1828) [link]

40 [43]: Procopius, ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1833) [link]

41 [44]: Procopius, ed. Dindorf, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1833) [link]

42 [45]: Procopius, ed. Dindorf, vol. 3 (Bonn, 1838) [link]

43 [46]: Theophanes Confessor, ed. Classen, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1839) [link]

44 [47]: Theophanes Confessor, ed. Classen, vol. 2 [+ Anastasius, ed. Bekker] (Bonn, 1841) [link] [alt. link]

45 [48]: Theophanes Continuatus, Ioannes Cameniata, Symeon Magister, Georgius Monachus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1838) [link] [alt. link]

46 [49]: Theophylactus Simocatta, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1834) [link]

47 [29]: Ioannes Zonaras, ed. Pinder, vol. 1 (Bonn, 1841) [link]

[48?] [30]: Ioannes Zonaras, ed. Pinder, vol. 2 (Bonn, 1844) [link]

49 [31]: Ioannes Zonaras, ed. Pinder, vol. 3 (Bonn, 1897) [link] [alt. link]

50 [50]: Zosimus, ed. Bekker (Bonn, 1837) [link] [alt. link]


Byzantine Authors in other editions:

Georgius Acropolita

Opera, ed. A. Heisenberg, vol. 1 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1903) [link]


Anna Comnena

Alexiad, ed. A. Rifferscheid, vol. 1 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1884) [link]


Ioannes Lydus

De Ostentis, ed. C. Wachsmuth (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1897) [link]; cf. id., ed. Wachsmuth (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1863) [link]

Liber de Mensibus, ed. R. Wuensch (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1898) [link]; ed. W. Roether [+ Herm. Trism., Peri botanôn chylôseôs; Vettius Valens frag.] (Leipzig, 1827) [link]

De Magistratibus, ed. R. Wuensch (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1903) [link]


Nicetas Acominatus Choniates

Narratio de statuis antiquis, ed. F. Wilken (Leipzig, 1830) [link]


Georgius Pachymeres

Declamationes, ed. Boissonade [with the Philogelos] (Paris, 1848) [link]



[ed. Haury,] tr. H. B. Dewing, LCL, vol. 1 (London, 1914) [link]

Bell. Goth., ed./tr. D. Comparetti, vol. 2 (Rome, 1896) [link]; vol. 3 (Rome, 1898) [link]

Anecdota (Secret History), ed.[?]/tr. M. Isambert (Paris, 1856) [link]; ed. Orelli [+ other excerpts] (Leipzig, 1827) [link]


Michael Psellus

De operatione daemonum etc. [TOC], ed. J. F. Boissonade (Nuremberg, 1808) [link]


Ioannes Zonaras

Epitome Historiarum, ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1868) [link]; vol. 3 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1870) [link]; vol. 5 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1874) [link]; vol. 6 (Leipzig:  Teubner, 1875) [link]



De zythorum confectione, ed. C. G. Gruner (1814) [link]


Migne, Patrologia Latina [NB also this online Index Auctorum of PL]

[Warning:  some of these volumes, I now realize, are not from the standard PL, but from an earlier version; I have started to address the complications, beginning with the Augustine volumes;  warning #2:  many of the links now seem to be broken also…hmm…]


PL 1:  Tertullian vol. 1

PL 2:  Tertullian vol. 2 (repr. Brepols) [link]

PL 3:  Novatian, Minucius Felix, etc. [link]

PL 4:  Cyprian [link]

PL 5:  Arnobius etc. [link]

PL 6:  Marcellinus, Lactantius, etc. [link]

PL 7:  Lactantius [link]                                  [NB Lactantius in CSEL ed. infra]

PL 8:  Constantine etc. (1844) [link]

PL 9:  Hilary of Poitiers vol. 1 [link]

PL 10:  Hilary of Poitiers vol. 2 [link]           [NB some Hilary in other eds. infra]

PL 11:  Zeno, Optatus                                      [NB Optatus in CSEL ed. infra]

PL 12:  Eusebius Vercellensis, Firmicus Maternus, Filastrius [link]

PL 13:  Damasus, Lucifer, etc. [link]

PL 14:  Ambrose vol. 1 pt. 1 [link]

PL 15:  Ambrose vol. 1 pt. 2 [link]

PL 16:  Ambrose vol. 2 pt. 1 [link]

PL 17:  Ambrose vol. 2 pt. 2 [link]

PL 18:  Ulfilas [link]

PL 19:  Juvencus etc. [link]

PL 20:  Sulpicius Severus etc.                           [NB Sulp. Sev. in CSEL ed. infra]

PL 21:  Rufinus etc. [link]

PL 22:  Jerome                                                 [NB some Jerome in other eds. infra]

PL 23 pt. 1:  Jerome vol. 2 [link]

-bound with PL 23 pt. 2:  Jerome vol. 3 [link]

PL 24:  Jerome vol. 4 [on Isaiah; Jeremiah] (1845) [link]

PL 25:  Jerome vol. 5 [link]

PL 26:  Jerome vol. 6 [link]

PL 27:  Jerome

PL 28:  Jerome vol. 9 [link]

PL 29:  Jerome vol. 10 [snippet view]

PL 30:  Jerome vol. 11 [Epistolae etc.] [link]

PL 31:  Orosius etc. [snippet view]                   [NB Orosius in CSEL ed. infra]

                                                                        [NB Augustine in other eds. infra]

PL 32:  Augustine vol. 1 [Confessiones; opuscula catechumeni] (1845) [link]

PL 33:  Augustine vol. 2 [Epistolae] (1841) [link]

PL 34:  Augustine vol. 3 pt. 1 [Opera exegetica] (1841) [link]

PL 35:  Augustine vol. 3 pt. 2 [Opera exegetica] (1841) [link]

PL 36:  Augustine vol. 4 pt. 1 [Enarrationes in Psalmos] (1841) [link]

-bound with PL 37:  Augustine vol. 4 pt. 2 [Enarrationes in Psalmos] (1841) [link]

PL 38:  Augustine vol. 5 pt. 1 [Sermones] (1841) [link]

PL 39:  Augustine vol. 5 pt. 2 [Sermones] (1863) [link]

PL 40:  Augustine vol. 6 [Opera moralia] [link - faulty] (1877) [snippet view]

PL 41:  Augustine vol. 7 [De Civ. Dei] [link - faulty] [link - fixed?]

PL 42:  Augustine vol. 8 [Opera polemica:  Anti-Manichaean stuff; De Trin.] (1841) [link]

PL 43:  Augustine vol. 9 [Contra Donatistas] [snippet view]

PL 44:  Augustine vol. 10 pt. 1 [Contra Pelagianos] [link] (1841) [TOC]

-bound with PL 45:  Augustine vol. 10 pt. 2 [Contra Pelagianos] (1841) [link]

PL 46:  Augustine vol. 11 [indices; inedita] [link - faulty]

PL 47:  Augustine vol. 12 [supplement] (1849) [link] / vol. 16 (1877) [link]

PL 48:  Marius Mercator

PL 49:  John Cassian vol. 1 (1874) [link]                  [NB Joh. Cassian infra]

PL 50:  John Cassian vol. 2 [snippet view]

PL 51:  Prosper etc. [snippet view]

PL 52:  Petrus Chrysologus etc. [link]

PL 53:  Salvian etc. [link]

PL 54:  Leo the Great [link]

PL 55 pt. 1: Leo the Great [link]

--bound with pt. 2:  Leo the Great [link]

PL 56:  Leo the Great [link]

PL 57:  Maximus of Turin [link]

PL 58:  Sidonius Apollinarius, Gennadius, etc. [link]

PL 59:  Gelasius etc. [link]

PL 60:  Prudentius, Dracontius [link]

PL 61:  Paulinus of Nola etc. [link]

PL 62:  Eugyppius etc. [link]

PL 63:  Ennodius, Boethius etc. [link]

PL 64:

PL 65:  Fulgentius etc. [snippet view]

PL 66:

PL 67:  Dionysius Exiguus etc. [link]

PL 68:  Pelagius etc. [snippet view]

PL 69:  Cassiodorus etc. [link]

PL 70:  Cassiodorus (vol. 2) [snippet view]

PL 71:  Gregory of Tours etc. [link]

PL 72:  various [link]

PL 73:  Vitae Patrum vol. 1 [link]

PL 74:  Vitae Patrum vol. 2 [link]

PL 75:  Gregory the Great vol. 1 [link]

PL 76:  Gregory the Great vol. 2 [link]

PL 77:  Gregory the Great vol. 3 [link]

PL 78:  Gregory the Great vol. 4 [snippet view]

PL 79:  Gregory the Great vol. 5 [link]

PL 80:  7th cen. [link]

PL 81:

PL 82:  Isidore of Seville vol. 3 [link]

PL 83:

PL 84:

PL 85:  Liturgica Mozarabica [link]

PL 86:  Liturgica Mozarabica part 2 [link]

PL 87:

PL 88:  Venantius Fortunatus etc. [link]

PL 89:  8th century [link]

PL 90:  Bede vol. 1 [link]

PL 91:  Bede vol. 2 [link]

PL 92:  Bede vol. 3 [link]

PL 93:

PL 94:  Bede vol. 5 [link]

PL 95:

PL 96:  Hildefonsus, Leodegar, etc. [link]

PL 97:  Charlemagne vol. 1 [link]

PL 98:  Charlemagne vol. 2 [link]

PL 99:

PL 100:

PL 101:  Alcuin vol. 2 [link]

PL 102:  Smaragdus S. Michaelis [link]

PL 103:  Sedulius Scotus, Benedictus Anianensis [link]

PL 104:  Agobardus Lugdunensis etc. [link]

PL 105: Theodulf etc. [link]

PL 106:

PL 107:  Hrabanus Maurus vol. 1 [link]

PL 108:  Hrabanus Maurus vol. 2 [link]

PL 109:

PL 110:

PL 111: Hrabanus Maurus vol. 5 [link]

PL 112: Hrabanus Maurus [snippet view]

PL 113:  Walahfrid Strabo [link]

PL 114: Walahfrid Strabo [snippet view]

PL 115:  Leo IV etc. [link]

PL 116:

PL 117:  Haymo vol. 2 [link]

PL 118:  Haymo vol. 3; Anscharius [link]

PL 119:  Nicolaus I etc. [link]

PL 120:  Paschasius Radbertus [link]

PL 121:  Ratramnus Corbeiensis etc. [link]

PL 122:  Joannes Scotus etc. [link]

PL 123:  Ado Viennensis [link]

PL 124:  Usuardus, Carolus Calvus, etc. [link]

PL 125:  Hincmarus Rhemensis [link]

PL 126:  Hincmarus cont'd, etc. [link]

PL 127:  Anastasius Bibliothecarius vol. 1 [link]

PL 128:  Anastasius Bibliothecarius vol. 2 [link]

PL 129:  Anastasius Bibliothecarius vol. 3, etc. [link]

PL 130:  Isidorus Mercator, Marcus Valerius Probus[link]

PL 131:  Notker Balbulus etc. [link]

PL 132:  Regino etc. [link]

PL 133:  Odo Cluniacensis etc. [link]

PL 134:  Atto Vercellensis etc. [link]

PL 135:  Flodoardus etc. [link]

PL 136:

PL 137:  Hrotsvitha, Adso, etc. [link]

PL 138:  Richerus S. Remigii [link]

PL 139:  Sylvester II etc. [link]

PL 140:  Burchardus Vormatiensis etc. [link]

PL 141:  Fulbertus Carnotensis etc. [link]

PL 142:  Bruno Herbipolensis etc. [link]

PL 143:  Hermannus Contractus etc. [link]

PL 144:  Petrus Damianus vol. 1 [link]

PL 145:  Petrus Damianus vol. 2 [link]

PL 146:  Othlonus S. Emmerammi [link]

PL 147:  Joannes Abrincensis etc. [link]

PL 148:  Gregory VII vol. 1 [link]

PL 149:  Victor III etc. [link]

PL 150:  Lanfrancus Cantuariensis etc. [link]

PL 151:  Urbanus II [link]

PL 152:  Bruno Carthusianorum institutor vol. 1 [link]

PL 153:  Bruno Carthusianorum institutor vol. 2 etc. [link]

PL 154:  Hugo Flaviniacensis etc. [link]

PL 155:  Godefridus Bullonius etc. [link]

PL 156:  Guibertus S. Mariae de Novigento [link]

PL 157:  Goffridus Vindocinensis [link]

PL 158:  Anselm, Eadmer vol. 1 [link]

PL 159:  Anselm, Eadmer vol. 2 [link]

PL 160:  Sigebertus Gemblacensis etc. [link]

PL 161:

PL 162:

PL 163:  Paschalis II etc. [link]

PL 164:

PL 165:

PL 166: Baldricus Dolensis etc. [link]

PL 167:

PL 168:  Rupertus Tuitiensis vol. 2 [link]

PL 169:  Rupertus Tuitiensis vol. 3 [link]

PL 170:  Rupertus Tuitiensis vol. 4 etc. [link]

PL 171:  Hildebertus Turonensis etc. [link]

PL 172:  Honorius Augustodunensis etc. [link]

PL 173:

PL 174:

PL 175:  Hugh of St. Victor vol. 1 [link]

PL 176:  Hugh of St. Victor vol. 2 [link]

PL 177:  Hugh of St. Victor vol. 3 [snippet view]

PL 178:  Peter Abelard etc. [link]

PL 179:  William of Malmesbury etc. [link]

PL 180:  Eugenius III etc. [link]

PL 181:  Herveus etc. [snippet view]

PL 182:  Bernard of Clairvaux vol. 1 [link]

PL 183:  Bernard of Clairvaux vol. 2 [link]

PL 184:  Bernard of Clairvaux vol. 3 [link]

PL 185:

PL 186:

PL 187:

PL 188:  Odericus Vitalis etc. [link]

PL 189:  Peter the Venerable etc. [link]

PL 190:

PL 191:  Peter Lombard vol. 1 [link]

PL 192:  Peter Lombard vol. 2 etc. [link]

PL 193:  Garnerius S. Victoris etc. [snippet view]

PL 194:

PL 195:  Aelredus Rievallensis etc. [snippet view]

PL 196:  Richardus S. Victoris etc. [link]

PL 197:  Hildegard of Bingen [link]

PL 198:

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