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Student Projects: In addition to writing formal papers students are encouraged to create artistic or dramatic projects which provide new media for their imaginative interpretation of what they have studied.

Some of the projects this semester included videdotaped performances of:

  • "The Judgment of Paris,"
  • Sappho's poem to Aphrodite,
  • " Vergil's Aeneid, Book 4.

Three other students pretended that they were archaeologists who had discovered pottery (which they actually had made themselves) from the Hellenistic period. (Click here to view the work.)  They related the subject matter on their pieces to poems by Anyte, whose translations they had read in the Snyder text.

One student, referring to A.P. 9.314 and 9.144, was impressed by the positive interventions in the lives of mortals by the deities. So she showed on her plate Hermes and Aphrodite "discussing a way to assist people."

A second student, attracted by Anyte's portrayal of animals, her "vivid imagery describing scenes of nature," and "the importance of relationships and the emotions entailed in such a bond," centered her discussion on the depiction (on her plate and in Anyte's poem, A.P.9.745) of a goal and a Naiad.

The third student (inspired by A.P. 16.291 and 16.231) recreates on his water vessel a conversation between the god Pan and a herdsman (whom he imagines as Anyte herself in disguise). In his view the poet "paid meticulous attention to the attractive world of idyllic peace and respite, under the protection of Pan and the other rustic deities."

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