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Official Website: www.marshallscholarship.org


At least 40 Marshall Scholarships are given annually for two years of study in a degree program at any British university. According to the Marshall Commemoration Commission, the criterion for selection of Scholars is "distinction of intellect and character as evidenced both by their scholastic attainment and by their other activities and achievements. Preference will be given to candidates who display a potential to make a significant contribution to their own society. Selectors will also look for strong motivation and seriousness of purpose, including the presentation of a specific and realistic academic programme." Candidates for Marshall Scholarships apply as representatives of their institutions and must be endorsed by their institution.


The Marshall Commission requires that applicants must have at least a 3.7 cumulative grade point average at the time of application. You cannot be given access to the electronic application unless you meet this requirement.


A "specific and realistic academic programme" is a major selection factor in awarding a Marshall Scholarship. Thus, prospective applicants must inform themselves of the academic tradition and degree courses in British Universities described in the current "Rules for Candidates," and "Memorandum of Guidance" as well as other references suggested in the application information. The Marshall Scholarship Website provides links with each British university and a search function for degree courses. Typically, students choose a two-year degree in a course of study based on their undergraduate academic preparation including research experience in their chosen field. Students may also propose a second undergraduate degree (honors degree) as described in the Marshall information or a doctoral degree if a third year of support is a reasonable expectation (from Marshall or a U.S. scholarship foundation).


The preliminary application is submitted online at the Marshall Website. A copy of the transcript is also due at that time. Although the annual deadline date is the first week of October 4, please note that the Loyola deadline date is two weeks prior to the stated Marshall deadline.


Applicants must request four letters of recommendation. The first of these should be designated the Preferred Recommender and this recommender should have supervised your college or university training. At least two recommendations must be provided by academics. At least three of these recommenders should be in the United States. All recommendations must be done on-line, and they must be received by the campus application deadline. Recommendations are expected to be quite detailed and to provide specific examples of a candidate's level of intellectual engagement with the professor. Letters that address the candidate's grade or standing in a course without providing examples or details are not helpful in the selection process.


The application will be submitted online. Applications must be endorsed by the Office of National Fellowships. The online application must be submitted and authorized by a designated member of staff. Invitations for regional interviews are issued to selected candidates in November.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. James M. Calcagno, Fellowship Director
Professor, Department of Anthropology

Sullivan Hall 285
Loyola University Chicago
E-mail: jcalcag@luc.edu

Phone: 773.508.3472


  1. Start your application as early as possible, preferably at least 4 months before the deadline. Prepare and leave time to write multiple drafts (perhaps 4-6) of your essays, which are critical to successful applications. Be sure to address how you can fulfill the mission of the organization when writing your essays.
  2. Contact your potential letter writers as soon as possible to give them time to write your letters, and ask if they will review and comment upon your essays. This will provide them with added information to improve upon their letter, and will provide you with helpful comments to improve your application. Although I hope to provide you with some comments, it is important that you receive advice from scholars whose work is more closely related to your chosen plans.

Updated: 7/2009


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