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Financial Aid Office


The Loyola Guarantee At Loyola University Chicago, we understand that planning to finance a college education given the current economic situation can be overwhelming. We acknowledge that we are living in uncertain times and that some families may be adversely affected by the economic crisis, now or sometime in the future. Because of these realities, we have developed The Loyola Guarantee.

The Loyola Guarantee assures that every student will have the opportunity to complete a Loyola degree. Therefore, if a family experiences a significant income loss that causes a substantial change in financial status, Loyola will work with students and their families to ensure they may be able to continue their studies at Loyola.

As part of The Loyola Guarantee, we have made appropriate changes to help students and their families achieve the goal of completing a Loyola degree by providing:

  • Assistance to families with significant income loss
  • Increased credit-hour limits per semester
  • Flexibility to switch from full- to part-time status
  • Extension of scholarships and grants into the fifth year
  • Summer grant programs to help finish your degree on time

Loyola remains committed to providing our students a quality, Jesuit education and will work with families during these uncertain economic times to find the resources to make completing a Loyola degree possible. Learn more about The Loyola Guarantee.

Policies are current as of 3/09 and are subject to change.