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ABSN Program: January cohort

The Spring ABSN program begins in January and lasts for 16 months. Students admitted to the ABSN program have previously earned a bachelor's degree and therefore do not qualify for federal, state or Loyola-awarded need-based grants or scholarships. This limits the award consideration by the Financial Aid Office (FAO) for ABSN students to federal and private loan programs.

There are a limited number of departmental scholarships available from the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, which are offered to qualified students currently enrolled in the ABSN program. For more information about application procedures and deadlines for departmental scholarships, contact the School of Nursing at 773.508.3249 or e-mail SchoolofNursing@luc.edu.   


Students must be admitted into the ABSN program before their financial assistance application will be reviewed. The School of Nursing notifies the FAO when students are admitted. The FAFSA can be filed before the admission process is complete.

The amount of loan eligibility each ABSN student receives depends on the FAFSA results, prior loan borrowing and the cost of attendance. The cost of attendance for a student enrolled in the ABSN Program at Loyola University Chicago accounts for direct expenses such as tuition and standard fees, and provides allowances for indirect expenses such as living expenses, books, transportation, and personal expenses. This amount includes the current tuition and fee charges.

Application Procedures

To apply for federal loans during the 16-month program, students must complete two FAFSAs:

  • The 2015 - 2016 FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for the first Spring and Summer terms. The 2015-2016 FAFSA must be filed with the U.S. Department of Education by June 30, 2015. We recommend that you file the FAFSA by November 30, 2015 to complete processing before the program begins.
  • The 2016 - 2017 FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for the Fall and second Spring terms. This FAFSA will be available after January 1, 2016.  We recommend that you file this FAFSA between January 1 and June 1, 2016 to complete processing before the program begins.

The federal government processes your applications and then sends you a Student Aid Report (SAR) for each FAFSA you submit. The easiest way to complete or correct your FAFSA with accurate tax information is by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool through www.fafsa.gov.  In a few steps, you may be able to view your tax return information and transfer it directly into your FAFSA.  SAR information will be forwarded to Loyola.

When completing the FAFSA forms, please note the following:

  • List the year in college as the "fifth year" or "other undergraduate."

  • Answer "second bachelor's degree" to the question, "What degree or certificate will you be working on..."

  • When filing the FAFSA online, you must print out the signature page and sign and mail it, or sign by electronic signature with your PIN number. Otherwise, the FAFSA will not be processed.

  • Be sure to list Loyola University Chicago (Title IV Code: 001710) as a school choice on the FAFSA.

Are You a Dependent or Independent Student?
Step Three of the FAFSA asks questions pertaining to your dependent status.  If any of the questions can be answered "yes," then you are an independent student.  Independent students do not fill out Step Four questions (parent information).

If you answer "yes" to any question in Step Three, you will be prompted to proceed and may include your parent information if you are a medical or nursing student. Many medical schools require independent students to include parent information, but Loyola's ABSN program does not. It is generally in your best interest to not include parent information if you are an independent student and are not required to do so.


For additional information regarding the financial aid process click here.

Federal Stafford Loans

ABSN students are awarded Federal Stafford Loans based on the undergraduate senior limit. For the first Spring and Summer session, students can borrow up to the maximum allowed for one academic year.  In the Fall and second Spring terms, they are again awarded up to the maximum academic year award.  Students with prior borrowing may have Federal Stafford Loan awards reduced so loan borrowing does not exceed the aggregate loan amounts.  In order to receive a Federal Stafford loan, you must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Loan Counseling before you can receive any loan funds. 

Stafford Loan Program Requirements

  • Entrance Loan Counseling: Click here to complete the form online. The FAO is notified electronically upon completion. Students are encouraged to do this as early as possible so that loans are not delayed.
  • Master Promissory Note: Promissory notes for federal loans are completed online and only needs to be completed once during the first term the student is receiving loans from Loyola University. The FAO will certify the loan eligibility electronically.

Eligibility for Additional ABSN Alternative Loan

The amount listed as [Eligibility for ABSN AltLoan] represents the maximum amount that students COULD borrow through a credit-based alternative loan.  This amount reflects the estimated direct and indirect costs associated with the academic year, less other aid.  Additionally, the parents of a dependent student may choose to apply for a Federal PLUS Loan, instead of the student borrowing an alternative loan for any term.

Alternative loans are available through the FAO to provide additional funds. These are credit-based loan programs offered through private lenders. Many ABSN students use alternative loans to pay living expenses. Programs may require co-signers. Interests rates and terms vary from program to program. Information on these types of loans can be obtained here or by visiting the FAO. Most alternative loans must be certified by the school. Loyola cannot certify an alternative loan for an amount that exceeds the [Eligibility for ABSN AltLoan] amount stated on the student's award.

A budget appeal may be submitted if an individual's expenses exceed the estimated budget allotted by the FAO.  Please bear in mind, however, that only certain expenses may be considered. Specifically, consumer debt is generally not an expense that the FAO can consider in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Contact Us

For more information about financial assistance available for ABSN students, contact:

Financial Aid Office
Stritch School of Medicine, Room 214
Phone: 708.216.3227
E-mail: absnfinaid@luc.edu