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Portfolio Review

All declared studio art and visual communication majors are required to submit a portfolio of  artwork in order to remain a Fine Arts major. Portfolio Review consists of presenting this portfolio to a panel of professors, one of whom will be in your area, while the others may not. A review is scheduled every semester, but it is highly recommended to complete this by the spring of your junior year.

The process involves evaluating the body of work you've created in art classes at LUC. Working with your advisor, you'll select the most successful work from each class and try to demonstrate a range of skills gained in the foundation and applied courses of your major. You may have to revise some work to bring up to the level necessary for the review. This process is designed to help prepare you to meet the professional expectations of the artist or graphic designer.

Work contained in your portfolio should reflect professional standards of presentation, below are a list of things to consider in preparation.

  • Drawings and photographs are most often matted.
  • You will need two pieces of mat board for each piece.
  • An alternative for large pieces, especially charcoals and pastels that smudge easily, is to shrink wrap them.
  • You will need just one piece of mat board for each piece.
  • Matting and/or shrink-wrapping is a good way to standardize a presentation  you can use the same size board for different size pieces, only the borders will vary.

The Spring 2015 Portfolio Review has already taken place. Check back here for the Fall 2015 Portfolio Review dates.

Portfolio Review Application 2015

Portfolio Review Information 2015