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Test Sequencetomschmidt

Artist: Thomas Schmidt

Here at Loyola, we love showcasing homegrown talent. Since his graduation in 2004, Loyola alumnus Thomas Schmidt has worked as an assistant to renown artist Ruth Duckworth, received his MFA at The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, taught ceramic design at The China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and co-founded the design team "Recycled China."

Beginning with an exploration of the material limits of ceramics and expanding into a range of media and methods, this exhibition features a collection of work produced by Schmidt over the last ten years. From line drawings of shattered tile, digital prints of crumpled and scanned paper, torn open cubes of clay, and panels of aluminum fused with porcelain shards, Schmidt orchestrates and captures a variety of material moments for the viewer to experience and unfold.


sign painterAnalog Sign Painting: Dead Or Alive?

Artist: Stephen Reynolds

As contemporary art and the world at large evolve in an increasingly digital direction, artists with highly refined analog skills become increasing rare. Chicago artist Stephen Reynolds utilizes traditional sign painting techniques to execute commissioned works for major museums, cultural institutions, businesses, and individual artists throughout the United States and Europe. Reynolds brings his knowledge of typestyles, graphics, and period signs to the creation of fine art and design, practicing his trade using time-honored hand-crafts, and making a living at it. We will exhibit a collection of printed images from Reynolds’s portfolio of work, as well as a specially commissioned hand-painted window created on site, to demonstrate the artist’s refined technique, insight, and creativity.


Entendre a la Modehotspot

Artist: Michel Balasis

With very detail-oriented style, Loyola Professor of Fine Arts Michel Balasis presents a collection of hand-painted pieces using precise comic illustrations putting his own spin on the Pop Art genre. The eye-catching images with bright contrasting color reflect double and sometimes triple entendres as they mix retro comic style with modern quotes relating to popular culture, extending common bonds between admirers.

Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s that presented a challenge to traditions of fine art. For Balasis, the image style is removed from the crudely printed comic book and replaced by more precisely painted images on canvas, Now presented in a Fine Art setting with the quote or idiom derived from current popular culture



Artist: Daniela Montecinos

In a world where faded loss, longing, and sweetness are silent, suggested, and whispered, painter Daniela Montecinos uses her interest in traces to revisit the memory of moments missing or disappearing. Our new artist-in-residence program at Loyola will be inaugurated by Montecinos with an exhibition inspired by her stay in France nearly ten years ago. This exhibition displays the ongoing work created during her residency that explores the silhouettes of diverse figures, including animals and people in movement.



2014 Annual Student Art Competition2014artcompetition

While it is often the business of students to examine and admire the creative output of professional artists, the tables are turned in the annual student show. All students are invited to submit work to the Annual Student Art Competition including drawing, painting, photography, color theory, two and three dimensional design, graphic design, ceramics and sculpture, and any combination thereof. All entries are original works of the student and have been completed in the last year.




Artist: Jay Wolke

re-located is a body of work that attempts to relocate the viewers’ perceptions of image and place. Created using mobile scanning devices, these high-resolution, visual recordings utilize sample information gathered from particular sites and related materials. Employing the artist’s ability to render these artifacts over a controlled length of time, the resultant compositions represent visual “scores”, analogous to musical or filmic constructions where measures or frames are assembled into narrative flows of citations and references. These pieces represent a new and unique way of communicating and re-contextualizing the visual environment.

Jay Wolke, photographer and chair of the Department of Art and Design at Columbia College Chicago captures the complexity of different subjects showcasing their historic and natural landscapes. Wolke has had solo exhibitions throughout the world and his photographs have appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times and Time magazine. This brand new, never-before-seen exhibition will showcase a new body of work unlike Wolke's previous projects.  

Senior Exhibition 2014senior exhibition

Loyola's graduating fine arts majors exhibit recent work in ceramics, painting & drawing, photography and visual communication. The senior exhibition challenges students to create and display an entirely new body of work. Don't miss this opportunity to wish our students farewell as they pack up their portfolios and go off to explore the world of art and design beyond Loyola's walls.