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Departmental Policies and Forms

 ‌Locker Rentals

Locks and lockers are provided free of charge to all DFPA students (enrolled in a DFPA class or a major/minor).

  • DFPA students must fill out the Music/Theatre Lock & Locker Usage Agreement form.
  • After form is completed, student will find an open locker on the 1st floor of Mundelein
  • Desk staff will provide a working lock that matches agreement form lock number (listed on top right of form; forms are in numerical order. Find lock first, then match locker to form number)
  • Desk staff will write locker combination on small post-it note and give it to student with lock
  • Please note that THTR lockers need to be specially identified, so that it is not confused with a music locker.


Contact Marta Wasko for any inquiries. 


All forms are located at the Mundelein Information Desk.