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Rambler Rowdies


Do you love basketball? Do you love Loyola? Do you love school spirit?

You will fit in well with the troupe of ecstatic, enthusiastic Loyola basketball fans who attend and bring a crucial student spirit to each game.

The Rambler Rowdies

The Rambler Rowdies started in 2004 when Coach Whitesell and his staff took over the Men's Basketball program at Loyola. Prior to that, there was no "official" student organization supporting Men's Basketball. Over the course of the 2004–2005 and 2005–2006 seasons, the Rowdies were run by the coaches with some help from students who help set up the Rowdies.

For the 2006–2007 season, we were finally able to get some funding from SAF. With that, we established two pep rallies, which are becoming traditions for the Rowdies: one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester for the LUC-UIC home game. The 2007–2008 season was the first season where we had a budget from SAF!! Over the last four years, school spirit and attendance at basketball games has increased and students are becoming more excited about Loyola athletics in general.

The Rambler Rowdies gives students a chance to support Men's Basketball as well as get crazy with a few hundred/thousand of their closest friends. It also is a good way to have fun while getting involved with student life at Loyola. Each year, we give out free shirts with the help of a private donor to students who regularly attend games and we give students a chance to come up with our yearly slogan. Past slogans have been:

  • We Got Your Back ('04–'05)
  • Hungry Like a Wolf ('05–'06)
  • Our House...Our Rules ('06–'07)
  • Keepin' It Real In Gentile ('07–'08)

No matter what the shirt says, we always say: Come Early, Stay Late, Go Crazy!

For more information about The Rambler Rowdies, contact the Athletics Department at 773.508.2560.