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First and Second Year Advising

Resources for Parents

Financial Resources

Financial Aid Questions: The Student Services Hub advisors can answer all your basic financial aid questions.  They are located on the first floor of the Sullivan Center on the Lake Shore campus, and can also be reached at 773-508-7700.

Parent Access to Student Financial Information: Students can set up proxy access to their financial accounts for parents and other guests by following the steps at the site linked above.

Financial Hardship: If you have suffered financial hardship since you filed for financial aid, you can file a special circumstances appeal to see if you can get your financial aid adjusted accordingly.  Also, there may be additional modes of assistance available through the Loyola Guarantee.

Academic Resources

Access to Student's Academic Records: University faculty and staff cannot communicate student's individual academic record information to parents or guests without the student's direct permission due to the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA.  Students can waive these rights to give access to parents or guests on LOCUS through their Student Center. They would need to click the Parent/Guest Access link and fill out the "Academic Conversation" information.

Academic Advising at Loyola: There are various different advising resources available to students at Loyola, which are listed and explained on the website linked above.

Academic Support for Students: Loyola provides a variety of academic support services beyond those offered in the classroom in order to help ensure students' academic success.  These resources are readily available and provided to students at no extra cost.

Career and major Resources

Career Development: The Career Development Center at Loyola serves all Loyola students and alumni as a source for career assessment, career education and assistance with the job search.  They assist students in anything from finding a job on campus, to career counseling, to writing resumes and cover-letters.

Internships and Research:  The Center for Experiential Learning offers information, resources, and support for the development of academic internship opportunities, service-learning courses, student employment, community service Federal Work-Study employment, and undergraduate research experiences.

Majors and Careers: First and Second Year Advising's Choosing a Major website provides a variety of resources on choosing majors and some information on the relationship between college majors and careers.

Student Life

Student Organizations: The department of Student Activities and Greek AffairsStudent Organization Search can help students explore, learn about, and join a variety of student organizations on campus. 

Campus Recreation: The Department of Campus Recreation and Student Unions provides recreational and social experiences that build community and promote values-based action in preparing people to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Loyola's Halas Sports Center is available to all Loyola students year-round and offers two cardio rooms with a variety of treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, rowers, and stair climbers.  Halas also has a pool and fitness rooms and offers a full Group Fitness Schedule including a variety of cardio, toning, kickboxing, yoga, and pilates classes.

Centennial Forum Student Union: Loyola's Centennial Forum Student Union Located at the heart of the Lake Shore Campus, the Centennial Forum Student Union is the place to go to relax, study, play pool, watch TV, grab a snack or hang out with friends.  Located right off of the Loyola Red Line stop, CFSU is the perfect gathering space for the Loyola community. Check in at the Information Desk for all of what Loyola has to offer.

Wellness Center: Loyola's Wellness Center has many resources to help students stay healthy both physically and mentally. Some of these resources include medical staff, counseling staff, meditation and relaxation workshops, as well as information on substance abuse and guides on self-care.

Transitioning to College

Student Orientation Information: Learn about Loyola's Orientation Program.  Student's can access individual orientation and placement testing information by logging in to Next Stop.  Log-in information should be sent to students after they've received notification of acceptance.

Student Testing Information: Incoming students are asked to take particulare placement assessments.  These subjects at Loyola sometimes require incoming students to provide evidence supporting a certain level of proficiency so as to ensure that they are beginning with the appropriate level class.  Student's can access individual orientation and placement testing information by logging in to Next Stop.  Log-in information should be sent to students after they've received notification of acceptance.

Transitioning for Parents:  At First and Second Year Advising, we recognize that the college transition doesn't just involve the student: it also involves their parents and families.  Here are some resources that have helped parents and familites with their child's transition to college.

  Web Resources


About Loyola

Admission to Loyola: The office of Undergraduate Admission can help you answer questions you have about admission to Loyola including programs offered, how to apply, the University's mission and the city of Chicago.

General Information About Loyola: Click on this link to find out information about acadmics, admission, campus life and other resources at Loyola.

Navigating Loyola: The Where to go for... website can help you navigate the various departments and resources at Loyola by letting you know who to contact regarding your specific needs.


First and Second Year Advising
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