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is a conference that explores the important topic of serving students with disabilities within the Catholic school setting.  This year’s theme, A Time To Renew, calls participants to reinvigorate their efforts to meet the needs of all students and renew their focus on Catholic identity.  The conference spans two days.

October 9th - Day One of the conference features a number of professional development sessions.  These sessions will highlight promising practices and provide practical lessons from Catholic school professionals and clinicians on inclusive practices in Catholic schools. 

October 10th - Day Two of the conference features facilitated working sessions and networking.  Participants will attend an Ignite-style presentation on an aspect of inclusionary practice in Catholic schools. Ignite-style presentations are concise and focused “mini presentations” that feature an idea or concept around the central theme of the conference. Then using a structured group process after each ignite session, conference attendees will have the opportunity to work together to identify and articulate actionable items to increase inclusive practices in Catholic schools.  The goal is to gather the collective wisdom of the group in a document that can help to inform the future work in this area.

Full Conference - $175: (includes attendance at both Monday Professional Development Sessions and Tuesday working session)
One Day Conference - $125: (includes attendance at the Monday Professional Development Sessions only)


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October 10, 2016 Presentations