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Parent Leadership Giving Society

Parent Engagement

Parents and families of Loyola students not only provide important encouragement and support to their sons and daughters, but also generously fund scholarships, programs and initiatives that enrich the Loyola experience for all students. The Parent Leadership Giving Society recognizes parents who contribute $1,000 or more annually to any University allocation.

NOTE: LL indicates Loyola Loyalist. Loyola Loyalists include alumni and friends who have supported the University in each of the most recent 10 fiscal years.

$5,000+ | $1,000–$4,999


Patrick Arbor (BSC '58)

Josephine and Robert Beavers

Melvin R. and Randy Lamm Berlin (JD '91)

Linda T. (BA '72) and Frank J. Biga (BA '70, MA '74, MBA '77)

Mary and James Binsfeld (BS '67)/LL

Debra and James Brasher (BBA '75)

Linda Janus Bray (MD '77) and James Bray (MD '77)

Linda Brubaker, MD and Warren Brubaker

Joan (BSN '74) and Vincent Bufalino (BS '74, MD '77, MRES '80)/LL

The Honorable Anne Burke and The Honorable Edward Burke

Mary and Peter Carey (JD '69)/LL

Marie Cowhey (MA '56)

Kathy (JFRC Spring '77) and Guy Crane

Rosemary and John Croghan (BS '52)/LL

Barbara (BS '64, MEd '72) and Eugene Croisant (BBA '59, MSIR '66)

Catherine and Hanley Dawson III

Linda and John Deutsch (BA '69)/LL

Mary Barmes (MUND '67) and Cezar Froelich (BS '67, JD '70)

Alexander J. Ghanayem, MD and Patrice E. Ghanayem

Christina and Ronald Gidwitz

Eileen and Wayne Healy (BSC '54)

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80)/LL

Rosemary Dale and Richard Hubbell, MD

Alina and Anthony Janiga (BS '82, MD '87)

Rosina and Michael Janowak (MD '72)/LL

Alvina and The Honorable Roger Kiley Jr. (JD '66)/LL

Mary Anne Kirchschlager/LL

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

Stephen Klingel

Constance and John Kurowski (JFRC '73-'74, BA '75)

Eileen and Vern Lahart (BA '50, JD '51)/LL

Deborah and John Lahey/LL

Sue Lehoang, DDS, and Mike Lehoang (MD '74)

Michael (JD '65) and Mary Lou Leyden/LL

Ingrid and John LoGiudice (BS '70, MD '74)/LL

Mary Ann McGrath, PhD (BS '68) and William McGrath (MA '67)/LL

John Morrissey/LL

Joan Mullins/LL

Jane and Thomas Murphy, MD

Elizabeth Napleton

Patricia Nerad

Carolyn (MSW '89) and J. Paul O'Keefe (MD '71, MRES '74)/LL

Patricia and John O'Keefe Jr. (BSC '60)

Elizabeth (BS '75) and Robert Parkinson Jr. (BBA '73, MBA '75)/LL

Joyce and Leo Roberts (MD '58, MBA '95)/LL

Linda and Curt Rodin (JD '75)/LL

Mary Rueckert-Cooper and Thomas Cooper

Kathleen (MD '78) and Gary Schneiderman (MD '77, MRES '78)/LL

Patricia Schostok Reese (BS '74, MEd '78, EdD '82) and Errol Reese, PhD/LL

Dolores Schumann/LL

Julie and Joseph Serra

William Sherry

Mary (BS '53) and Raymond Simon (BA '53, JD '56)/LL

Ronald Skwarek (BBA '74)/LL

Patty and G. Andrews Smith

Adrienne Block, PhD and Stephen Squinto (BA '78, PhD '84)

Karen and Stephen Sweeney

Jackie Taylor Holsten (JD '99) and Peter Holsten

Aldona and Ronald Walker, PhD

Netty and Edward Wanandi

Frances (MUND '62) and Mitchell Wiet (JD '65)/LL

Marybeth and Michael Zindrick (MD '79, MRES '84)



Elizabeth and William Adler Jr.

Gemma Allen Nader (JFRC '64-'65, BS '66) and Albert Nader

Deanna and Sam Amirante (BS '70, JD '74)

Ida Androwich, PhD (BSN '78)/LL

John Angel (MD '66)

Rosemary and Gerard Aranha, MD (MRES '75)/LL

Barbara and James Ashley/LL

Gloria and Francis Banich (BS '54, MD '57)/LL

Jean and Anthony Barbato (MD '70)

Patricia and Anthony Barrett (JD '66)

Gail and Michael Biasiello (BS '79, DDS '85)

Judith and James Bindon (BBA '82)

LaMoyne and Sidney Blair (MD '48)/LL

Laura Bloem and James Audia

Sheri (JFRC Spring '74, BS '76) and Dan Boho (JFRC Spring '74, BA '74, JD '77)

Luellen and Edmund Boland (JD '67)

Clare and Thomas Borah

Sally and Joseph Bredemann (BA '48)

Elaine (BSEd '58) and Richard Brennan (BA '58, JD '62)

Penny and Steven Brown

Mary (JD '84) and Robert Buddig

Mary Jo and John Bulfin (JD '78)/LL

Joyce and Kenneth Bunting

William Caldwell (JD '67)

John Calhoun/LL

Gloria Callaci (MUND '61) and The Honorable Lawrence Suffredin Jr. (BA '69)/LL

Katherine Peshek-Campbell (BS '77, MD '80) and Daniel Campbell (MD '80, MRES '81)/LL

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70)/LL

Susan (JFRC '69-'70) and William Carter

Barbara Casey (MSW '82)

Eileen Clifford Cavanaugh and Kenneth Cavanaugh, MD

Thomas Church (BBA '62)

Ann Lau Clark (MSN '11) and Joseph Clark (MD '89, MRES '92)/LL

Patricia and Michael Collins (BA '70, MD '78)

Ann and Thomas Connelly (BA '55, PhD '74)

Eorann and Daniel Conway (JFRC Fall '82)

Angelika and John Conway (MBA '89)

Nicolette (BBA '76) and John Conway (JFRC Fall '73, BACL '76)/LL

Patrick Costello

David Crumrine, PhD

Joan and Richard Cuomo

Mary Day

Laurie and Anthony DeLio III

Patricia (MPS '01) and Thomas DeStefani (MD '81, MRES '84)

Joann and Carlo DiNello (BS '57, MD '61, JFRC '61-'62)/LL

Carol and Patrick Dwyer II (BS '62)

Mary Beth and Jon Erstad

Mary and Michael Farley

Dawn and Robert Feller

Edward Fiedler Jr.* (JD '60)

Helen and Thomas Flynn

Frank Folk, MD/LL

Margaret Foran and David Schmidt

Janice (JD '84) and Kevin Forde (JD '63)

Judith Froehlich-Klamut (BS '69, MD '73, MRES '76) and Michael Klamut (MD '73, MRES '78)

Dorothy (BS '68) and Daniel Fusco (JD '64)/LL

Mary Garvin

Linda and James Gerace Sr. (MD '67)

Monica and Vincent Getzendanner Jr. (JD '66)/LL

Lynne (EdD '80) and Harvey Golomb, MD

Josie (BA '74, MEd '78, JD '84) and Lance Gough

Maureen Greene

Lisa and Daryl Groom

Edward Gumz, PhD

Ana and John Gyulai

Kathleen and Michael Hanley

Gail Hanson (BS '70, BSN '80, MSN '89)/LL

Sara and Alan Harris

Barbara (MSN '85) and Paul Hering (MD '74, MRES '77)

Margaret Ann and Todd Hewell III (BS '75, MD '78, MRES '85)/LL

James Hillman Jr. (BBA '79)

Irene and Michael Hinz (MD '73)

Deborah Hockman (PhD '82) and Peter Cihak

The Honorable Michael Hogan (BA '68, JD '71)/LL

Judith and Henry Holmes (MD '62)

Maryane and Urban Hubert/LL

Mercedes Hulik (MUND '48, BSC '48)

Ann and Kevin Hyland

Judy and Thomas Hynes (BS '59, JD '62)/LL

Angela and Amer Jaber

Judith and Benjamin Jagodzinski (MD '62)/LL

Jan and Jurgis Jasaitis

Marilyn and Bruno Jaselskis

Christina Johnson-Wolff (BA '72) and Richard Wolff/LL

Doreen and Thomas Kelly/LL

Aldon Kelly

Vicki Keough (MSN '91, PhD '98)

Margaret and Thomas Kloempken/LL

Maureen and Lester Lampert

Rose Marie and Edward Lee (MD '48)/LL

Gloria Leischner (MUND '66)/LL

William Litgen

Diane Lockard

Anthony Mandolini

Susan (JD '75) and Jay Mann (JD '75)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Judith (BS '59) and Gregory Matz (MD '62)

Rosemary (BSN '84) and David Mayer, DDS (BS '83)

Mary Ann McDermott, PhD (BSN '60, MSN '69) and Dennis McDermott/LL

Sistie and Eugene McEnery (MD '57)

Eileen and James McKinney (MBA '72)

Phyllis Jane and Donald McLean (BSC '60)

Janice and Edward Melian, MD

Melody and Lawrence* Metzger, PhD (BBA '77)

Marilyn Meyer

Suzanne and Robert Meyers

Lawrence Michet (DDS '46)/LL

Karen Lee (MSN '76) and Robert Miller (MD '74, MRES '75)/LL

Margie and Samuel Miller

Christine and Larry Mirick

Mark Mizula

Lourdes (JFRC Fall '76, BA '78) and John Moore (JFRC Fall '76)

Cabrina and John Moran (BS '60, MD '64, MS '64)/LL

Mary (BSN '76, MSN '00, PhD '07) and G.L. Morrow

Nina and Thomas Moskalewicz (MD '77)

Duarte Mota De Freitas

Laurie and Ranjit Mugve

Elaine (JFRC '66-'67, MUND '68, MEd '76) and The Honorable Thomas Mulroy Jr. (JFRC '66-'67, JD '72)

Beth (MBA '85) and Steven Murphy

JoAnn and Daniel Murphy (BBA '85)

Emily Chew and Robert Murphy

Diane Newbury (MEd '75, PhD '80)/LL

Ann O'Brien Nimrod and Joseph Nimrod Jr. (BSC '53)

Emma and Richard Nuzzo (BS '66)

Nancy and Thomas O'Dowd

Lawrence O'Gara (BS '65)/LL

Joan and Thomas O'Hara (BBA '64)/LL

Pat and Mark Ohlendorf

John O'Malley Sr. (BS '50, MA '52, JD '53)

Robert O'Toole (BBA '62)

Louise and Carl Otto

Christel and John Owens Jr. (BSC '58)/LL

Kristine and Nathan Partain

Barbara and Robert Perkaus Jr. (BS '58)/LL

Carole and Paul Perona Jr.

Vera Petras, MD and Gjuro Petras

Sandra and George Pietrzyk (BA '74)

Janice and Kenneth Printen (BS '57, MD '61)

Kristin and Daniel Quigley

Susan (BSEd '62) and William Joseph Quinlan Jr. (BA '61, JD '66)

Audrey (BSEd '78) and Albert Ratner

Mary and Robert Rauh (MD '52)

Maralyn and Michael K. Reilly/LL

Barbara (PhD '97) and Conrad Rieckhoff/LL

Sheila (MSN '90) and The Honorable Philip Rock (JD '64)

Mary Pat and James Rohan (JFRC '78-'79, JFRC '79-'80, BA '81, MSIR '83)/LL

Marguerite Rooney* (MUND '55)

William Rooney (JD '58)

Erin Rose and Samuel Biggs

Diane (EdD '05) and Harry Rossi (EdD '85)/LL

Bonnie and A. Jerald Rothenberg (MD '63)/LL

Shirley and Weldon Rougeau (BS '67)

Ann Marie and Louis Rundio Jr. (BS '65, JD '72)

Marianne Scanlon

Janet and Kenneth Schiffman, MD (MRES '00)

Jo Anne and The Honorable Stephen Schiller

Danita and William Schmidt

Alan Schoen (BS '61)/LL

Barbara and John Schornack (BSC '51)/LL

Linda (BSN '64) and William Senica (BS '62, MD '66, MRES '70)/LL

Ruhi and Mohammad Shariff

Robert Sheehan (BSC '51, JD '66)/LL

Karen and Donald Shine (JD '69)

Elizabeth and Rick Siebenaler

Robert Siegel

Jean and John Sorensen

Patricia (MUND '58) and Alex Spadoni (MD '59)/LL

Joanne and James Stankiewicz, MD

Patrick Stiff (MD '75)

Margaret Jongleux and Lawrence Stone

Bernadette Strzyz (MD '68)

Denise Sulo, MD and Robert Sulo, MD

Diane and Andrew Sweeny Jr. (JFRC '70-'71)/LL

Mary Ann and Charles Taylon, MD

Molly and James Toole

Christine and Kevin Tribble (MD '87)

Theresa (BSN '75) and Mario Tse (BS '77, DDS '81)/LL

Jane Mueller Ungari (BS '67) and Michael Ungari (BS  '67, MSW '00)

Barbara and Al Van Eekeren (BS '63)

Laura and David Van Etten (JFRC '75-'76, BA '77)

Nancy and Leonard Vertuno, MD/LL

Daniel Vonder Heide (BG '02, MSHR '06)

Katherine (BS '66, MD '80) and Joseph Walsh, PhD (BA '67, MSW '69)

Patricia and Joseph Waters Jr. (MBA '81)/LL

Susan Reedy (JD '85) and Gregg Williams



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