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Research Incentive Award (RIAGS)

The Research Incentive Award for Graduate Students (RIAGS) program, administered by the Office of Research Services and the Graduate School, consists of an award of $200 for any Loyola graduate student submitting a proposal for external funding to a Federal or private agency, as well as a bonus award of $1000 for any funded proposal.

To qualify for RIAGS, students must submit their proposal and RIAGS application to Dr. Jessica Horowitz (jhorow@luc.edu) at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline. RIAGS money will not be awarded otherwise.

Purpose: This initiative is meant to create an incentive for Graduate School students to apply for external funding to support their scholarly and research activities. Such external funding benefits the student both by directly supporting the student's research, and by providing experience in the crucial skills of grant-writing. External funding also contributes to Loyola's research profile and productivity.

Eligibility and Guidelines: Funding opportunities may take the form of dissertation funding available as an individual award or discipline or topic-specific awards to support research in a particular field or area, but must meet the following requirements:

Resources for RIAGS:

For assistance with general proposal writing, such as how to describe a project to different audiences, how to evaluate a fit between a research project and a funding agency's priorities, how to meet length limits and emphasize key points, and how to reorganize a draft to meet a funder's requirements, please contact Dr. Jessica Horowitz, (jhorow@luc.edu) to set up an appointment.

For assistance with grant submission requirements (e.g. special formatting, on-line submissions), Loyola forms and requirements (such as the administration of disbursed funds), or the preparation of a grant project budget, please contact Tracy Foxworth (tfoxworth@luc.edu) for an appointment.

Applicants should fill out the application form and submit it along with required additional materials) to Dr. Jessica Horowitz, Assistant Dean in Granada Center, Suite 400, Lake Shore Campus to apply for the program.