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Step 1: Application to Receive a Degree

When you think you are ready to defend and turn in your dissertation or thesis, you must Apply for Graduation in LOCUS at least a semester in advance of your expected degree conferral to alert the Graduate School of your intent to graduate. The deadlines to apply are as follows, NO EXCEPTIONS:

Step 2: Make sure your document is formatted correctly

Using the Format Manual, you should make sure your document is formatted so that it observes all the necessary requirements.  Generally, the Graduate School observes the style set out in Kate L. Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th ed.

Formatting takes A LOT of time, so budget accordingly. The earlier you begin the formatting process, the easier it will be to properly format your manuscript.

Step 3: Format Check by the Graduate School

Before you submit your final copy, every thesis/dissertation must be submitted for a format check by the staff of the Graduate School. Dissertation writers can turn in a manuscript for format check before the dissertation has been defended, but you should be substantially finished with the work. Thesis writers can submit a representative chapter from an unfinished work for format check, but the submission must include all front and back matter.

You must electronically submit your manuscript for a format check to the Graduate School's ProQuest ETD website ON OR BEFORE the published format check deadline for the term in which you expect to receive your degree. The format check deadlines fall roughly as follows (specific deadlines are set at the beginning of the semester that comes before the degree conferral month):


After you submit your dissertation/thesis for a format check, you will be notified of any corrections at your LUC email account. If you would prefer to use a different account for email correspondence, please include that email address with your format check package. Please allow a few days for a response.

Note: Your electronic submissions come directly to the Graduate School through the ETD site. Only administrators in the Graduate School will be able to view your dissertation/thesis.

Step 4: Turn in Approval Ballot for Text and Oral Defense 

After you have defended your dissertation, your Graduate Program Director must upload your Approval Ballot for Text and Oral Defense, signed by all of your committee members, to the Graduate Student Progress System (https://gsps.luc.edu).

This is the time to make the corrections requested by your committee members at your Oral Defense, as well as to make sure that all of the formatting changes required by the Graduate School in the format check have been completed.

Step 5: Turn in Final Copy Submission

Once your dissertation has been defended, formatted correctly, and approved by your committee, you will need to electronically submit your final copy to the Graduate School for approval. You will also need to turn in a range of supplementary materials (listed below) with your final copies.

All of your final copy submissions must be turned in ON OR BEFORE the published final copy deadline for the term in which you expect to receive your degree. The final copy deadlines fall roughly as follows (specific deadlines are set at the beginning of the semester that comes before the degree conferral month):

If your materials are incomplete or inaccurate, the Graduate School will return them to you for correction.  If the required corrections are too extensive or take too long to complete, you may not graduate and the Graduate School will not confer your degree

For this reason, please make every effort to format your manuscript correctly, include all of the materials listed below, and to meet the published deadline.  Also, please keep in mind that a dissertation or thesis is only one of your degree requirements, and that the Graduate School will not confer your degree unless you meet all of these requirements. 

On or before the final copies deadline, please turn in:


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