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Upon reviewing peer and aspirational institutions’ online learning requirements, the workgroup acquired a better understanding of the necessity for online programming at Loyola to include proctoring services. The added value of proctoring services include: 1) Both the student and the faculty member are more inclined to actively engage each other in the classroom to ensure comprehension as faculty won’t be available during exams to answer questions and 2) the validity of degree conferral at Loyola is strengthened by integrity measures for exams.

Loyola University Chicago's recommended proctoring service provider is ProctorCam. As described by the ProctorCam website, the company utilizes a myriad of resources to observe online testing in order to uphold integrity for any activity via the Internet using a webcam, microphone and computer. Several substantial benefits include:

  • Identity verification
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Behavioral verification
  • 3rd party credibility
  • Controlled process
  • Test center-like security


  1. The Lite version provides an electronic recording of online exams occurring anywhere, anytime (24/7).
  2. Live (Full version)—a live proctor observes online exams occurring anywhere during allotted business hours agreed to between the faculty member and ProctorCam.


The product fees vary depending upon the selected service, including the number of exams proctored.

Faculty User Experience

Faculty build their exams within the ProctorCam system and the exam becomes available within a relatively short time. The exam setup includes the course and exam details, roster information and verification details, including a check-in process. Upon creation, the exam results, recordings and student information as it relates to their exams on ProctorCam are available instantly after they are taken on ProctorCam to the instructor.

Student User Experience

Once the course roster is uploaded into the ProctorCam system, students receive a registration e-mail. The registration process is a simple 3-step process inclusive of the following:

  1. Acquiring basic profile information (e.g. E-mail Address).
  2. A ProctorCam application download.
  3. The ProctorCam application is launched and a quick system compatibility test is launched to ensure the webcam, microphone and Internet connection work with ProctorCam’s service.

Once approved, student's can begin using ProctorCam and take an exam on demand!


Faculty members interested in utilizing ProctorCam's proctoring service(s) should contact their Department Chair for further information.

If webpage visitors have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Ariana Lewis (alewis7@luc.edu) for additional information. Additionally, you may speak directly to ProctorCam regarding proctoring services at 877.TES.T127 (http://www.proctorcam.com).

*For additional information re: the Summer 2012 proctoring service pilot program, please review the Assessment Report.