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Network Printer


If you are connecting to your printer through a USB cable, you do not need to follow these steps.  You only need to follow these steps if you are connecting your printer to the network so multiple computers can print to it.

To obtain the MAC address for your network printer you must locate the printer's unique MAC address. This identification address is usually given as 6 pairs of characters that are each either a number 0-9 or letter A-F. They can appear in any of the following formats:


The best resources for help in finding the MAC address is the owners manual or customer service for manufacturer of the printer. Otherwise, if you can provide the manufacturer name, device name and device model information to ResNet, they may be able to provide limited assistance in locating the MAC address.

Connect your printer to the network for 30 seconds, then disconnect it.  Once you have located the MAC address, write it down and go back to the registration page.  ResNet will contact you once the device has been registered and you can connect the printer to the network permanently.

Once you have determined your printer's MAC address:

Send an email to from your Loyola email account listing:

  • Your name
  • Your residence hall and room number (if living on-campus - if not list "off campus")
  • The name of the device manufacturer
  • The model number of the device
  • The MAC address of the device

If the email does not come from your Loyola email account, it will not be processed because we will be unable to validate who it came from.  This registration is a manual process, which may take up to 2 business days to complete if all of the necessary information has been provided.

Wireless printer set-up

      Find the IP address of the printer using the printer's menu function


  • In the Control panel, open printers and faxes
  • Select Add a printer
  • UNcheck AUTO detect
  • YES to local printer
  • CREATE a new port / TYPE = Standard TCP / IP Port
  • Printer Name or IP Address (enter the IP address obtained through the printer's menu)
  • Device Type - select the printer type from the scoll down
  • Once set-up, go back to the control panel, printers and make it the "default" printer

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