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Dependent Children, Spouses and Legally Domiciled Adults

Eligible dependents may utilize the benefits for all semesters noted on our main Tuition benefit page.

Dependent children are eligible for the benefit until the age of 24 only. If your dependent child reaches the age of 24 prior to the start of the semester they are no longer eligible to receive the tuition benefit. However if they reach 24 mid-semester they can continue to receive the benefit until the end of the semester only. The Tuition Benefit for all eligible dependents will not be added until they have registered for courses and completed the FAFSA.

  1. Undergraduate Students: Tuition Benefit pays 100% of tuition only. Employees and their dependents are financially responsible for co-pays, program deposits, room and board and course fees not covered by the Tuition Benefit Policy. Undergraduate Tuition Benefit is non-taxable. *However, please note that any LDA Tuition Benefit received is taxable and imputed as income for the employee. Human Resources will add the value of the benefit to the employee's bi-weekly or monthly pay and the employee will be taxed on that amount. Dependent children are only eligible for the tuition benefit up to the age of 24. The Tuition Benefit covers J-term, Spring, Summer, Fall semesters, certain Study Abroad programs and the Summer Scholars program.
  2. Graduate Students: Dependent Children, Spouses/LDA’s are not eligible for the Tuition Benefit for Graduate Programs.

If your dependent makes any changes to their courses after the Tuition Benefit has been applied please reach out to Edward Moore emoore@luc.edu so an adjustment to your benefit can be made.

Summer Scholars Program

Since the Summers Scholars program isn't a traditional undergrad program no FAFSA form is required. Employees simply need to enroll their dependents in the Summer Scholars program http://www.luc.edu/summerscholars/.  All fees are paid through the Bursars office. No verification from Human Resources or additional forms are required for participation. We encourage all parents to contact Omega Styles the Summers Scholars Program coordinator directly if you have questions about the program at 773.508.8349.

FACHEX Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program

If you are interested in the Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program (FACHEX) program please visit their website at http://www.luc.edu/finaid/fachex.shtml. The FACHEX program allows legal dependent children of our employees to utilize the Tuition Benefit to attend other Jesuit universities. The FACHEX program has its own application procedures separate from Loyola University Chicago. The application process including deadlines and qualifications can vary from one university to the next for more information please visit the FACHEX website or contact the FACHEX Coordinator Edward Moore for more information 773.508.8928 emoore@luc.edu. It's recommended that employees and their dependents apply for the FACHEX program of their choice by their Junior year of high school. Dependents of eligible retirees can participate in the FACHEX program. For Retiree eligibility please see our policy. FACHEX participants are also subject to the guidelines of the FACHEX program in addition to the guidelines set forth by Loyola University Chicago Tuition Benefit policy.

FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Federal records privacy law entitled, "The Family Educational rights and Privacy Act of 1974" (FERPA) prevents any Loyola University office from releasing information to employees regarding your spouse/LDA, or dependent child(ren) education or billing records. For more information regarding Loyola FERPA policy please contact the Office of Registration and Records.