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FAQs: Retiree Medical Insurance Plan

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the eligibility requirements to participate in the Loyola University Retiree Medical Insurance plan and/or the Retiree Health Account?
  • Is the Loyola University Retiree Medical Insurance plan different from the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan that I’m currently enrolled in as a full-time employee?
  • Does the Retiree Medical Plan cover prescription drugs?
  • How much are the monthly premiums for Loyola’s Retiree Medical plan?
  • Why is under age 65 coverage more expensive than over age 65 coverage?
  • Is the Loyola University Retiree Medical Insurance Plan a "supplement" to Medicare, after I turn 65 years old?
  • Where can I learn more about Medicare coverage and receive information about Medicare Supplement plans?
  • May I continue my dental insurance coverage after I retire?
  • Will the University guarantee that it will continue to provide retiree health benefits in the future?
  • If I initially decline enrollment in the Loyola Retiree Medical Plan, will I ever be able to enroll in the plan at a later date?
  • When would I need to notify my department of my expected retirement date?


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