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Health, Dental, Vision

Loyola University Chicago offers a choice of health, dental and vision plans as part of a high-quality benefits package that helps you stay well and protect yourself and your family.

New employees have 31 days after the date of hire to enroll in the PPO, along with other benefits. Current employees can make changes to their PPO enrollment during the Benefits Open Enrollment Period each fall or 31 days from the date of a qualifying life event (such as change in marital status, birth of a child, adoption, etc.). 

For complete information on the health, dental, and vision benefits, please see the 2016 Benefit Booklet or contact the HR benefits office at benefits@luc.edu.

Loyola University Chicago provides medical coverage for employees through the Loyola Advantage BCBSIL PPO medical plan. Loyola does not provide a list of BCBSIL PPO providers however you will be able to search the BCBSIL portal for a provider by contacting BCBS directly or reaching out to your current provider to confirm that they are apart of the BCBSIL PPO network.

Beginning in 2016, plan members will have access to MDLIVE. The MDLIVE benefit gives employees access to physicians and allows employees to request prescriptions during or after normal business hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Employees can also use MDLIVE for non-emergency medical issues and when they need medical care while traveling.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription Drug Coverage is provided by your BCBSIL PPO medical insurance and prescriptions can be filled at various private and retail pharmacies. There is a separate co-pay and deductible associated with prescription drugs which is why we encourage the use of generic drugs when possible to avoid additional cost. However if your are on a specialty  or brand name drug we encourage you to participate in our mail order program with Prime Specialty.

Loyola University Chicago is a Catholic institution and has an exemption as a "religious employer". For more information about our religious exemption and contraception coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Affordable Care act please read our statement from the Director of Compensation and Benefits. Loyola BCBSIL Religious Exemption Letter

For complete information on the Loyola Advantage BCBSIL PPO plan and prescription drug coverage, please see the 2016 Benefit Booklet available on the Enrollment page or contact:

Loyola Advantage BCBSIL PPO Medical Plan
Provider Finder

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2016

Loyola University Chicago eligible faculty and staff have their choice of two Dental plans. Guardian/First Commonwealth in a dental HMO (DHMO) that only operates in the state of Illinois. Participants much choose a primary care dentist before services are rendered. There is no annual deductible and services rendered are not subject to maximum benefit limitations.

We also offer the Delta Dental PPO, which provides two levels of coverage as well as an option for out of network services. Delta Dental participants are subject to annual deductible and benefit limitations based on the service level of the primary care dentist.

Delta Dental PPO

Guardian/First Commonwealth—DHMO

Loyola University Chicago has one vision plan option

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP)—Comprehensive eye care benefits provided by VSP network for routine services

If you are enrolled in the Loyola Advantage PPO plan, you have coverage for annual eye exams through a BCBSIL PPO provider. In addition, you can receive discounts on vision hardware through a BCBSIL partnership with Davis Vision. For more information please click Davis Vision Flyer. For complete information about vision coverage options, please see the latest Benefits Booklet, available on the Enrollment page or contact:

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Davis Vision