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Health Care Account

Eligible Expenses and Limitations

Many different health care expenses are eligible for reimbursement from your Health Care Reimbursement Account. Eligible health care expenses are expenses incurred by you and your dependents for "medical care" as defined by IRS code. Generally, this means an item for which you could have claimed a medical care expense deduction on an itemized federal income tax return, for which you have not otherwise been reimbursed or could be reimbursed from insurance or some other source. You, your spouse, or an eligible dependent must incur these expenses. Only those expenses incurred while you are a participant in the Flexible Spending Accounts plan are eligible for reimbursement. You may claim reimbursement for your health care deductibles, co-payments, expenses not covered by other plans, routine physical or dental examinations, infertility treatments, braces and other orthodontia, birth control items, vision expenses, and hearing expenses.

To assist you, please see the chart located on the next page for some of the common eligible and ineligible expenses.

Flexible Spending Account – Health Care Eligible Expenses
Medical Expenses
Abdominal support


Ambulance hire

Air Conditioner for allergy relief (if prescribed by doctor, cannot be central a/c)


Artificial limbs/prosthesis

Alcoholism treatment

Back support

Birth control pills (if prescribed by a doctor)


Braille books/magazines

Chiropodist services

Chiropractic services

Co-payments for insurance



Dermatological fees


Doctor office visits

Fertilization services

Gynecological exams

Hospital bills



Lab exams

Medical clinic visits

Neurologist fees

Nurse’s fees

Obstetrician fees

Orthopedic Shoes


Over-the-counter drugs**


Pediatrician fees

Physical Therapist

Physician fees

Podiatrist fees

Prescription Drugs

Psychiatric care

Psychological fees

Psychotherapist fees

Sex Therapy

Special diets

Surgeon fees

Therapeutic care (for drug and alcohol abuse)



Dental Expenses

Co-pay for insurance



Exams and X-rays


Insurance deductible


Hearing Expenses

Hearing devices and aids

Special communication equipment for the deaf

Vision Care
Contact lenses



Laser eye surgery


Oculist services

Optician services

Optometrist services

*This list does not cover all eligible expenses. Consult Benefit Express for questions or concerns.

**The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled in IRS Revenue Ruling 2003-102 that over-the-counter drugs are available for reimbursement under the FSA Plan provided they are purchased for personal use or for use by a spouse or dependent and the over-the-counter drug must alleviate or treat personal injury or sickness. Starting January 1, 2011, certain over-the-counter drugs will require a physician's prescription.

Bottled water
Cosmetics, toiletries, toothpaste, etc.

Cosmetic surgery

Custodial care in an institution

Funeral and burial expenses

Health club fees

Household and domestic help

Marriage or family counseling
Maternity clothes, diaper services, etc.
Membership fees or costs associated with weight loss or smoking cessation programs if not prescribed by a doctor

Nursing for newborns

Operation expenses from illegal procedures
Premiums for benefits
Special schools


Vacations or travel taken for general health purpose

Vitamins taken for general health purposes

***The above list summarizes several ineligible expenses. For a complete listing consult Benefit Express.

Click here to view full information about the Flexible Spending Account (FSA).