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Human Resources

Employee Relations


Loyola University is dedicated to promoting a community of service for others and fostering a positive spirit of cooperation among all of its employees. The dignity of the individual is enhanced by the personal fulfillment and satisfaction gained from the work performed. It is essential to Loyola's mission to develop appropriate policies and procedures that strive for excellence and help create a positive work environment.


This policy applies to all regular, full and part-time non-faculty employees of the University's higher education and healthcare campuses in the Chicago area.


To maintain fair and effective human resource policies and procedures, the University will attempt to:

Loyola's voluntary adherence to the above principles acknowledges the dignity of the human person and provides the basis for a harmonious and positively motivated University. Through these efforts, the University strives to promote the best interests of its employees and therefore believes that outside third party representation of employees is not necessary.

Consistent with being a socially responsible corporate citizen, and respecting Church teachings, Loyola University Chicago acknowledges the right of individuals to organize and complies with applicable labor laws and regulations. It is hoped, however, that employees are of the conviction that it is better to discuss directly with the University any problems or concerns they may have.