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Post-Offer Physical and Drug/Alcohol Screening


All individuals offered and who accept employment in a staff position must be able to perform the essential functions of the position and be free from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol.  This policy establishes guidelines for post-offer physicals and drug/alcohol testing for certain staff positions.


This policy applies to individuals who have received an offer of employment or transfer for Loyola University of Chicago, Lakeside Campuses into the following job classifications:

Student Health Staff Dispatcher Maintenance Mechanic
Pre-School Staff Monitor Trades
Manager, Security Driver Fireman
Security Sergeant Parking Attendant Operating Engineer
Security Officer Grounds Keeper Chief, Asst. Chief Engineer


All offers of employment are made by the Human Resources Department.

A post-offer physical and drug/alcohol screening will be scheduled with Occupational Health within 24 hours of the offer and acceptance of employment.  Extenuating circumstances will require approval by the Vice President of the area and Vice President of Human Resources.  No individual may begin employment before the successful completion of the drug/alcohol screening.  Failure to pass the physical and drug/alcohol screening will result in the withdrawal of the employment offer.

Results of the physical examination and drug/alcohol screening will be communicated by Occupational Health to Human Resources.  Human Resources will inform the individual of the results.

Documentation of the results of the physical and the drug/alcohol screening will remain in Occupational Health.  A Medical Review Officer will be available in Occupational Health to review the results with the individual tested.

Notification of this policy will be made to applicants for employment through posting.


Occupational Health will establish a protocol for physicals and drug/alcohol testing.

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be addressed to Human Resources.