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Transit Benefit

The transit benefit is an employer-sponsored program that allows full-time faculty and staff (working .80 FTE or greater) offers you the opportunity to set aside money from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis which you can use for eligible transit expenses.

You can elect up to $255 (subject to change based on IRS regulations) per month. Your transit election, by payroll deduction, is then added to your benefits debit MasterCard on a monthly basis. The debit card will allow you to purchase or fund your transit cards for the Chicago Transit Authority (Ventra), Pace, Metra, or Chicago Water Taxi.

The benefits debit card will provide services for all of your reimbursement accounts: Transit, FSA health care, and FSA dependent care. For more information, or to enroll, visit LoyolaExpress.com.

Enroll in the transit benefit program online at LoyolaExpress.com. Enrolling online is easy and safe. Our secure website is set up to automatically take you through easy enrollment steps with instructions online. After you log on, the website will prompt you to enter your University ID and password. Call Benefit Express 877.837.5017 if you have questions or enrollment problems.

  • You may log on at any time to view or change your elections. To change your election(s) online, the cut-off date is the 14th of each month.
  • Your new change will be effective with the following full month’s payroll deduction(s) taken from the subsequent month’s transit fare media. Funds will be available for use the 1st of the month following the change.
  • A minimum of 6–8 weeks is required for all changes to take effect. This includes starting, changing, and ending participation in the program.
  • All changes including cancellation need to be processed via LoyolaExpress.com.
  • Employees are strongly encouraged to keep track of their transit payroll deductions via Employee Self Service and report any payroll deduction errors to benefits@luc.edu as soon as possible. This includes errors in the deduction amount or if an employee has access to transit dollars but no payroll deductions.

Transit account participants can purchase transit through the Benefit Express Debit MasterCard. The card gives easy access to ALL reimbursement accounts combined into one card. Card details include:

  • No debit card fee
  • Easy access to all reimbursement accounts—health care FSA, dependent care, and transit)
  • The card will be funded with monthly transit election contribution by the last week of every month, and these funds will be available to use by 1st of the following month
  • Has a three-year expiration date
  • Can be used to fund the Ventra card or purchase single use Ventra passes or Metra tickets
  • Debit card can be used as a form of payment for Ventra cards or to purchase transit at any Ventra or Metra transit outlets
  • Any transit dollars not used will continue to rollover each month and never expire
  • Outlets such as participating Jewel and Walgreens can use the debit card to add value to the Ventra card

Employees leaving the University need to contact the Benefits Department and Benefit Express as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made to employees' transit account. Employees should log into loyolaexpress.com and cancel their transit. The Debit Master Card will be shut off as of the Employee’s termination date.  Any remaining balance on the card after termination will need to be reimbursed via a reimbursement form and sent directly to Benefit Express, however valid transit purchases need to be made prior to the termination date. Refunds are not guaranteed and are subject to University payroll and Benefit Express deadlines.