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Staff Resources

IDEA Online Administrator Login:   www.theideaonline.org


Instructional Videos:

Setting up Course Evaluations

Video #1 - Downloading the XML Generator

Video #2 - Choosing Courses in LOCUS

Video #3 - Creating Excel Worksheet with Chosen Courses

Video #4 - Converting Excel Worksheet to XML Document

Video #5 - Uploading Courses to IDEA online

Processing Course Evaluations


Specific Tasks

Merging Cross-listed UG/Grad courses

Re-opening FIFs for Faculty

Sending Status Reports to Faculty

Adding Courses Manually into IDEA online


Instructional Documents:

1-Downloading the IDEA Online XML Creator to your computer

2-Choosing courses for IDEA course surveys

3-Creating the Excel Spreadsheet for IDEA course surveys

4-Creating the XML document for IDEA course surveys

5-Uploading courses to IDEA Online


Processing IDEA Course surveys (after the surveys have closed)


Faculty email samples

Student email sample

IDEA Processing checklist