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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, feel free to Contact Us.


Who do we contact if we have questions during and before the conference?
Before the conference, please feel free to email us at IGNITE2007@luc.edu.  During the conference, contact any of the IGNITE 2007 Conference volunteers or Loyola Conference Staff, please take note of the contact list found in your Welcome Binder.

Who is invited to attend the conference?
Student leaders, faculty, administration and staff from any of the 28 Jesuit schools across the nation are invited to intend.  Unfortunately, the conference is not open to those who do not attend or work at a Jesuit University. No exceptions will be made.

Where is the Loyola's Lake Shore Campus located?
The campus is located in the Rogers Park neighborhood - the most diverse neighborhood in the City of Chicago and second most diverse in the nation.  With over 80 languages spoken in the neighborhood, the Lake Shore Campus (which gets its name for being on the shores of Lake Michigan) is the perfect home for the IGNITE 2007 Conference.

What if I get lost during the conference?
Call one of the IGNITE 2007 Conference staff members listed on the contact card in your Welcome Binder.

Am I required to attend every session?
Yes, attendance at every session and workshop is expected.

What will the weather be like during the conference?
The normal high temperature for Chicago during the month of July is in the mid-80s, but can range anywhere from 60 to over 100 degrees.  Please consult Weather.com using the zip code 60626 for more up-to-date information, as the conference date approaches.

Are meals provided?
All meals are provided to attendees as part of your registration fee.  If you wish to eat outside of the conference meal times, there will be a hospitality room available. If you'd like to visit a restaurant, you should bring money to do so.

Is the conference only for Catholic denominations?
As a Jesuit-oriented conference, IGNITE 2007 Conference is open to all faiths and will not discriminate against any individual’s faith or beliefs.  While discussion of religious faith may arise, it will be just that: a discussion for the purpose of a greater understanding of what it means to be a GLBTQA person today.

Do you have to be GLBTQ to attend the conference?
No, you do not have to be a GLBTQ person.  Common day abbreviations have come to include “Allies” of the GLBTQ community and the conference seeks to enhance GLBTQ awareness on Jesuit college campuses across the country.

What if I have a special diet?
All special diets will be accommodated during the conference.  There will be vegan and vegetarian options available to all delegates.  Make sure to note any dietary needs on your registration form, any changes to dietary needs after the conference has started may not be accommodated.  If you need to change information already submitted, please email IGNITE2007@luc.edu.


Can I be in a room with my significant other?
No, room assignments are randomly assigned by gender and no one will room with someone from the same university. Also, no one will be allowed to choose their roommates.

Are we required to stay on campus for the conference?
All student delegates are required to stay on campus for the entire conference. The only delegates not required to stay on campus during the conference are faculty, staff and administration of the Jesuit Schools. For more information on local hotels, please visit the Suggested Hotel Accommodations page.

Can we bring pets?
No, pets are not allowed in university housing.

Is there wireless Internet access in the dorms?
Presently there is no access to Internet for the conference delegates supplied by the University.

How many people are in each room?
There are two people in each room.

Are there private baths?
There is a bathroom in each room, which you will share with your roommate.

Are there coed floors?
Yes the floors are coed but rooms are assigned by the gender the delegate identifies as.

If I am 21, is alcohol allowed in the hall?
Alcohol consumption is not allowed in the halls during the conference.

Return to the Conference Accommodations page.


Things to Bring

  • Clothing for warm days and cool nights. Use your discretion. Chicago weather changes frequently.
  • Dress clothes for the key-note speaker and semi-formal dinner/dance.
  • Beach attire for beach time (swimsuit, sandals, suntan lotion, beach towel) 
  • Toiletries and hygiene products.
  • Some kind of bag or carrying case for binders and writing utensils

Things to Leave at Home

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. i.e. Although you may be tempted to bring expensive jewelry, laptops, etc but, we prefer you to not bring them. 
  • Towels and linens will be provided.  A beach towel is the only linen needed.

Is there a dress code?
No, however there is a night with a speaker and dinner/dance.  Semi-formal attire is highly recommended but not required.

How much extra money should I bring?
There is an evening out on the town.  If you are interested in buying souvenirs, bring enough for your purchases.
Chicago is a large city.  Knowing such, it isn’t the safest idea to carry large amounts of cash in the city. Travelers’ checks are acceptable in most retail places.


What will delegates do outside of attending the sessions?
There will be a beach party, a formal dinner, a “night on the town,” and other nighttime entertainment will be provided.

What are we going to be able to do during our free time?
Enjoy the wonderful city of Chicago and socialize with your fellow delegates. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other student leaders.

Will we have a chance to go into Chicago?
Yes, delegates will be able to use their free time to visit Chicago.

How much free time will we have?
There will be free time in the evenings though there will be various events and options of things to do throughout the city. For the night out into the city, all conference attendees must be chaperoned by a Loyola University Chicago Conference Volunteer.

Where can I eat outside of the conferences scheduled dining hours?
There are several restaurants in the surrounding area including major chains and local cuisine. A map will be provided in your Welcome Binder


How much is registration?
The cost for registration is:

  • $295 for regular registration
  • $350 fo late registration

Do I have to come with a group?
No, an individual from a Jesuit University without the representation of a school sponsored group. 

Please see the Registration Page for more details or to register.


How will I get around during the conference?
A three day CTA pass will be given to each attended.  The CTA pass will give the attendee the access to CTA buses and trains, “El”.  These passes may be used for extracurricular activities outside of the conference. 

Will transportation be provided from the airport/bus station to the conference?
Airplane:  No, Delegates are responsible for finding their own transportation to the conference.  The CTA passes provided to attendees will give them access to public transportation. Keep in mind that as soon as three day passes are activated they will deactivate three days later. You may also take this cost on individually. Each ride, whether it is the bus or train (El), cost $2.00 plus transfers ($0.75).

Bus: Yes, delegates will be picked up from the bus or train stations by conference volunteers. Please make sure to accurately record your arrival time on your registration form.

Will transportation be provided from the conference to the airport/bus station?
No, Attendees are responsible for finding alternate transportation on their own.

What if I get lost at any point during the conference?
In the event that an emergency should arise in which you find yourself lost, delegates will receive contact information for conference volunteers. It will be a wallet sized card so and we recommend you keep it on your person at all times. For any other emergencies dial 9-1-1

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