Loyola University Chicago

Workshop Participant Bios

George S. McGraw, M.A.

Title/s: Director, DigDeep Right to Water Project, Los Angeles, California

E-mail: gsmcgraw@gmail.com, George@digdeepwater.org


George McGraw is the founder and Executive Director of DIGDEEP Right to Water Project, a human rights promotion and international aid coordination and partnership building organization that is based in Los Angeles, California. He has a master’s degree in international law from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica, and a bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from Loyola University Chicago.

George is interested in global efforts to defend the human right to water through education, investment and advocacy. His publications include “Defining and Defending the Right to Water and Its Minimum Core: Legal Construction and the Role of National Jurisprudence,” Loyola University Chicago International Law Review, Volume 8, Issue 2.