Loyola University Chicago

Krakow, Poland

March 31 - April 5, 2014

 Dr. Michael Schuck, co-director of the International Jesuit Ecology Project, presented Healing Earth at Kostka secondary school (Fr. Pawel) in Krakow; the Jesuit Lyceum in Nowy Sacq (Fr. Radek); and at a conference on social justice at the Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie. He stayed at the Jesuit guest house in Krakow, so also had an opportunity to spend time with the Jesuit First Studies students, which was particularly enjoyable. Dariusz Dankowski was an wonderful host. 

Dr. Schuck came away with excellent feedback on the value/importance of the project (affirmed by all) and the big challenges it poses to science teachers in terms of content and methodology as well as insight for future presentations.

 Here is a piece Fr. Pawel wrote for the Kostka school about Dr. Schuck's  visit.  Translation below.       


"The last day of March our guest was Professor Michael J. Schuck from Loyola University in Chicago. He came to share the project Healing Earth, which is an online textbook on environmental issues, spirituality, and ethics. Healing Earth is trying to look at nature through the lens of Christianity, especially the thoughts of St . Ignatius of Loyola , founder of the Society of Jesus ( Jesuits ). Professor Schuck met with school officials and teachers and exchanged thoughts on how to approach global environmental problems from a scientific, spiritual, and ethical point of view. Professor Schuck also gave a lecture to students who actively participated. Professor Schuck presented in English and the students asked questions in English, which did not pose them any difficulty. Our guest was impressed. Dr. Schuck asked the group of students and teachers to contribute to the further development of the textbook. After the official part of the day, the professor had the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria " U Stasia " and enjoy our cook Danusia's excellent dishes. We are grateful to Professor Michael Schuck for visiting Kostka school. It was a fruitful visit and we hope we meet again, who knows ... maybe in Chicago?"

 Here are a couple of advertisements for Mike's presentation: