Loyola University Chicago

Procedure and Schedule

Phase One (April 2012-0ctober 2012)

  • In spring 2012, the IJEP co-directors assembled an LUC editorial team and invited a small group of  national and international environmental experts in science, spirituality and ethics to an October 2012 Chicago Workshop at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus.
  • In summer 2012, the LUC editorial team composed a sample draft of a complete chapter on water and the water crisis.
  • The information technology assistants to the LUC editorial team begin exploring internet formats for the Living Text, Healing Earth.
  • By the end of summer 2012, the draft water chapter was sent to the national and international environmental experts who were invited to the October 2012 Chicago Workshop. They were asked to review this draft and prepare for the Chicago Workshop.
  • In October 2012, a five-day Chicago Workshop was held at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus where members of the LUC editorial team joined the invited lead experts in commenting on the draft chapter and also developing content for the other five chapters.
  • During the Chicago Workshop, leaders were assigned to each chapter to oversee its development.

Phase Two (November 2012-January 2014)

  • At the end of the Chicago Workshop, chapter leaders for each of the six environmental challenges assembled a team of additional scientists, spirituality experts and ethicists to assist them in completing a draft of their chapter of Healing Earth.  LUC editorial team members are also assisting each chapter team.
  • Contacts with Jesuit secondary schools worldwide have begun in order to find focus groups and market the upcoming Healing Earth textbook.
  • LUC editorial team is gathering all chapters for conversion to the web-based wordpress format.
  • Regional Meetings at international locations will be organized. Representative LUC editors and internet advisors will be reviewing the web-formatted Healing Earth chapters with local secondary school students and college students serving as focus groups.

Phase Three (February 2014-January 2015)

  • Between January 2014 and July 2014, the LUC editorial team and the internet technology assistant will be attending Regional Meetings for testing the online text.
  • Marketing of Healing Earth will be  stepped up, alerting personnel at Jesuit secondary schools and institutions of higher education of the forthcoming text.
  • Members of the LUC editorial team and the chapter leaders will meet for a three-day Rome Consultation to review a 'soft launch' of Healing Earth with focus groups of students, teachers and administrators from the Society of Jesus. Amendments and corrections to the 'soft launch' draft will be made by the LUC editorial team.
  • In January 2015 the Living Text will be publicly launched.

IJEP three year timeline