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Institute of Pastoral Studies


Master of Arts in Healthcare Mission Leadership

Students complete twelve online courses throughout the program. Nine of these are required courses. The remaining three courses will differ for each student and will be planned in collaboration with the program director. Because students come from a wide range of backgrounds and have diverse professional experience, this collaborative process allows students to address their particular learning needs.

Required Core

IPS 565 Pastoral Leadership
IPS 570 Introduction to Theology and Ministry
IPS 402 Church and Mission
IPS 531 Christian Doctrine and Its History
CMAN 533 Fiscal Management in Health Care Organizations
CMAN 568 Management of Professionals in Health Care Organizations
BEHP 401 Clinical Topics in Bioethics
BEHP 416 Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice
IPS 580 Field Education
CMAN Sch of Nursing courses BEHP = Neiswanger Inst of Bioethics courses


Three courses selected to respond to learning needs of participants from varied backgrounds (e.g. is previous degree an MBA, MSN, MDiv, etc.) Examples of such courses would be:

IPS 553 Christian Moral Theology and Ethics
IPS 545 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
IPS 610 Foundations of Social Justice
IPS 416 Christian Origins: An Exploration of the New Testament
IPS 403 Spirituality and World Religions
IPS 467 Canon Law for Ministers
CMAN 468 Advanced Concept in Health Systems Management
BEHP 415 Catholic Bioethics in Clinical Practice
BEHP 418 Cultural Competence in Health Care
BEHP 412 Organizational Ethics I
BEHP 419 Organizational Ethics II


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