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MA in Christian Spirituality

Spirituality is an interdisciplinary yet separate academic discipline that offers students a major resource for meaningful and holistic living while meeting the personal and social challenges of our time. Through their study of spirituality, and Christian spirituality in particular, students deepen their knowledge of God and self while engaging classical and contemporary sources of spiritual knowledge, primarily those in the Christian and Catholic traditions. This knowledge transforms both the head and the heart.

The Masters of Arts in Christian Spirituality is a 36-hour degree program with one concentration:

By completing the Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality students will be able to demonstrate:

  • An integrated spirituality grounded in self-awareness and engagement with modern culture, as well as with the classic and contemporary resources in the Christian tradition;
  • Spirituality literacy grounded in biblical, theological and psychological competencies;
  • Spirituality praxis through personal engagement around spiritual themes; and
  • Professional skills in spiritual direction (in the Spiritual Direction concentration)

The MA in Christian Spirituality: Contemporary Spirituality concentration can be completed entirely online or face-to-face at Loyola's Water Tower Campus. Students can also complete the program by taking a combination of on-campus and online courses.

The MA in Christian Spirituality: Spiritual Direction concentration is an on-campus program offered at Loyola's Water Tower Campus, near the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

Whether courses are taken online or on-campus, our curriculum encourages interaction and collaboration, and develops a sense of community among our students, while also offering a great depth of academic content.

The IPS also regularly offers summer courses in Rome, many of which fulfill requirements for the Spirituality programs.

Full-time students can complete the thirty-six credit hour program in two years.

To learn more about the master's degree in spirituality, please visit our request for information form or attend an online information session.

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