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Dr. Peter Jones

Dr. Peter Jones

What is your research/academic focus (or foci)?

My teaching focus has been all things systematic and practical theology while the intersection of theology, ethics, and economics has always been of special interest to me, and was the topic of my dissertation. I have been led by research in these areas to dive more deeply into theological anthropology along with cultural studies and social theory.

What appeals to you about IPS?

There are two main things that draw me to IPS. First, the range of student interests in conjunction with their diverse backgrounds is supremely appealing to me as an instructor. I sincerely enjoy learning so many things about our course topics as these kinds of groups discuss them. Second, the Catholic and specifically Ignatian impulse that suffuses the institutional identity of Loyola is refreshing.

Which classes are you teaching this semester?

Introduction to Theology and Ministry
The Church and its Mission

Cubs or Sox?

Being from Texas, this is an easy choice because my hometown Rangers don’t always get along with the Sox. I’m going with the Cubbies on this one, though I should perhaps admit that in a moment of weakness I did give some of my money to the fellow who cursed the team at the World Series all those decades ago (in exchange for one his delicious Cheezborgers of course).

To learn more about Peter, check out his CV. Peter Jones CV


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