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Closing a Research Project

Investigators are responsible for closing their projects once they have completed the data collection, analysis, and writing phases of their projects. The Request to Close a Project form, available below, has been constructed specifically for this purpose. Once this form is submitted, the project will be closed and all research activity must cease.

Even in cases when investigators are departing the University prior to completion of the research, they must close their projects. Loyola University of Chicago cannot maintain responsibility for the protection of human subjects in research when investigators are no longer affiliated with the institution. Persons no longer affiliated with the institution include students who have graduated and faculty and staff who are no longer employed by the University. Thus, it is policy that students, faculty and staff must close their projects upon leaving Loyola, UNLESS another individual at Loyola is willing to assume full responsibility for the project as the "primary investigator." There are two circumstances where this may be appropriate:

  1. In cases where a departing student wishes to continue working on his/her dissertation for publication purposes, the faculty sponsor may assume the role of "primary investigator" in order to allow the student to continue working on the project.
  2. In cases where another faculty member wishes to continue an existing project on behalf of a departing member of the University, he or she may assume the role of "primary investigator." The departing member may also maintain his/her involvement in the project by becoming the co-investigator.

In both cases, the departing primary investigator must fill out the Application for Amendment to a Research Protocol form and submit it to the IRB. The individual assuming the role of "primary investigator" must also provide written documentation that he/she agrees to take full responsibility for ethical and legal conduct of the project.

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