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Section One

Things to Do and Know Before Preparing your IRB Application

[NOTE: Where this document refers to contacting the IRB, such contacts should usually be done via the CAP system unless an urgent situation requires immediate attention by the IRB Chair or the Assistant Director for Research Compliance.]

Before you are ready to prepare your Application there are a number of things you should know and do. You will need to:


If you are submitting a project for external funding:

External funding agencies have various deadlines for when IRB approval is necessary. Some funding agencies may only require Investigators to have IRB Approval before funds are awarded, while others may require IRB Approval before an application can be submitted. If you are submitting a project to an external funding agency the IRB recommends that you submit your application to the IRB at least 2 months before the agency would require you to have Approval.

If you are a Student, you must also:

All Applications by LUC students must have a faculty sponsor who agrees to supervise the student and bear responsibility for the project.  This applies to all projects that are being conducted for the purpose of a degree as well as to all independent research projects.

If the purpose of the research project is towards the completion of a Masters or Dissertation:

  • The project must be approved by your committee before the project is submitted for IRB review.  You must submit a copy of your Proposal Ballot that has been signed by your committee members to the IRB with your application for review.

PLEASE NOTE: The Graduate School requires IRB approval before approving a Thesis or Dissertation Proposal.  After the committtee members have approved the proposal, the committee members should sign the Ballot for the Approval of a Thesis/Dissertation Proposal.  A copy of this form should be submitted both to the Graduate School and to the IRB.  The IRB will notify the Graduate School when a student's protocol has received final IRB approval.  After the Graduate School is notified that the student's protocol has received final IRB approval the Graduate School will approve the Thesis/Dissertation proposal, provided everything else is in order.

Once you have finished all of these steps and familiarized yourself with the IRB's policies, you are ready to prepare your Application for IRB Review.

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