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Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS) follows the general policies and guidelines established by Information Technology Services (ITS) at Loyola University Chicago:

Help Desk Requests

All requests for assistance should be submitted to the ITS Help Desk (x8-4ITS or helpdesk@luc.edu). You will receive a first response within 24 hours for tickets submitted Monday to Friday. Those submitted after 3:00PM on Fridays, or on weekends and holidays will receive a first contact the next business day.

Video Conferencing

Loyola has four primary video conferencing rooms: Granada Center West (291), Information Commons 332, Cuneo Hall 109, and Corboy Law Center 727. To reserve one or more of these rooms, contact Campus Reservations. Documentation for using the conference system is provided in each room and is also available as a downloadable PDF by visiting the Classrooms section. A classroom technician can assist you on-site prior to the start of your video conference during regular hours of operation. Once your room reservation has been confirmed, contact the Help Desk. Requests should be submitted at least 72 hours in advance.

Video Capture, Lecture Capture, and Live Streaming

Video capture records the the front of the classroom only. It does not capture the screen content. Loyola has several video capture classrooms: Crown Center Auditorium and 114-115; Information Commons 105, 111, 112, 120, 215, 216, 230; Corboy Law Center 202; Maguire Hall 110; and Communication Building 014 and 015. Lecture capture records the front of the classroom and the screen content simultaneously. Both sources a combined into a single media file for distribution to students. The university is piloting a system in Mundelein Center 508 and Corboy Law Center Annex 423. If you are instructor and would like your class scheduled in one of these specialty classrooms, contact the Office of Registration & Records. Once your room has been confirmed, you can request a tutorial from a classroom technician by contacting the Help Desk.

Limited assistance is available for live streaming of approved academic events during regular hours of operation. Please note that ITRS does not staff a professional videographer. To submit a request, contact the Help Desk. Requests are subject to approval by Information Technology Services (ITS) and should be submitted at least a week in advance.

Equipment Loan Program

Eligibility: To borrow equipment from Classroom Technology Support, the client must present a valid Loyola University Chicago ID card, be a current faculty or staff member, and have no outstanding fines or active restrictions on their account.  


  • Reservations for all equipment must be made using the online reservation system. No reservations will be accepted in person, by telephone, or email.
  • All reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up.
  • Clients may not reserve equipment in their own name for pick-up by others.
  • Reservations may not be transferred to another client. The client reserving/checking out the equipment and signing the contract will be held fully responsible.
  • Multiple, simultaneous, or recurring reservations must be approved in advance and are not guaranteed.
  • All reservations are subject to the availability of working equipment.
  • Reservations that are more than 24 hours past the scheduled pick-up date/time are subject to cancellation. If two or more reservations are made by a client without pick-up, the client will be blocked from the ELP for the duration of the semester.
  • Please be sensitive to scheduled check-in/out times as other clients of CTS depend on equipment being available for use.

Check out:

  • Equipment can only be checked out Monday to Friday. Please refer to the online reservation system for available pick-up times during normal business hours.
  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that they have all the materials necessary to operate the equipment. This includes cables, power adapters, batteries, and other components.
  • Clients are responsible for verifying all items on their contract are accounted for in any equipment loan prior to leaving CTS with the equipment. After signing an Equipment Loan Contract, a client is responsible for all items listed on said contract. If an item is not returned or is lost, s/he will be billed to the client as a fine for the full MSRP.
  • All equipment must be returned to a CTS staff member during specified business hours to ensure that items are checked in and reviewed by both parties to avoid unknown fines. When closed, equipment may not be left outside the CTS office and/or with other ITS staff. In such cases where CTS is closed, items will not be checked in until the next business day. Overdue fines may accrue against your account if the equipment is late as a result of returning after the specified contract date/time and outside of operating hours.

Duration of loan:

  • Clients will be held responsible for damages to all equipment while it is checked out to them. This includes, but is not limited to: theft, abuse/misuse of equipment (both unintentional and intentional), neglect, or carelessness. Clients will be responsible for paying Loyola University Chicago a replacement charge for damage to or the loss of the equipment and accessories issued to them. These charges will be subject to the same collection procedures that are used for fines for damaged or lost materials; meaning, they will be added to the client’s account, payable through the Bursars Office.
  • Damage or loss must be reported to CTS no later than the beginning of the next business day. Any damages not reported during the check out process become the responsibility of the new client.
  • Borrowers may be held liable for previous damages if not identified during the check out process and indicated in the client’s contract.
  • In order to renew equipment, a new reservation must be made and equipment returned to Classroom Technology Support for verification and to print a new contract. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Check in:

  • Equipment can only be checked in during normal business hours, typically Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.
  • A CTS staff member will inspect the equipment upon its return before discharging if from the borrower’s account. If damages are found or items missing, the client will be notified of fines assessed.
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to remain at the check in desk until all items are returned and verified to be in working order. Those that do not remain at the check in desk for verification assume responsibility for all fines to their account for late, damaged, or missing equipment.
  • Equipment returned late will result in fines based on the number of days it is overdue.

 Fines: All fines accrue on a daily basis for overdue equipment and clients will be charged simply based on the number of business days. Fines will not be assessed on a pro-rated basis. Please note that there is no maximum fine amount for overdue equipment.

Please note: After 5 business days the client will be charged the full MSRP replacement cost plus late fines. All fines will be assessed to a client's account through the Bursar's Office.

Listed below is the maximum time length specific equipment can be on loan to a client along with the corresponding daily fine.

Stolen equipment: The client must file a police report and an incident report with Campus Safety for all equipment on loan that is presumed to be stolen. Failure to file these forms will result in the client being fined the full MSPR replacement cost. All fines will be assessed to a client's account through the Bursar's Office.

Appealing fines: Fines may be appealed to the Manager of Classroom Technology Support within thirty (30) days from when they were originally assessed. After thirty days appeal requests will not be granted. To appeal a fine from CTS, send an email to cts@luc.edu with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of equipment loan
  • Detailed reason for the appeal of fine(s)
  • Phone number where you can be reached

You may be contacted for additional information regarding your appeal. The status of your appeal will be sent via email. An appeal request does not guarantee that your appeal will be granted or denied. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Granda Center 292, Training Lab

The Granda Center 292, Training Lab, located on the second floor of Granada Center, provides faculty and staff with access to multimedia equipment and software, and a quiet area for audio recording. The training lab offers six desktop workstations and access to several Web capture applications, including Articulate Studio and Camtasia Studio.

To use the Training Lab please reserve the space please use the Campus Reservations 25Live system.