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Occasionally, ITRS staff present at local and national conferences to share their expertise, as well as information on many of the exciting projects taking place here at Loyola University Chicago. Please continue to visit this page for session descriptions and resources related to the content presented.

Paving the Path to eLearning Excellence Through LMS Integrations

8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium - Dallas, TX
April 22-24, 2015
Presented by Tim Walker, Neal Legler (Utah State University), and Allison White (Ohio University Chillicothe)

ABSTRACT: Powerful integrations to promote collaboration and convenience. Rapid development and reporting tools. Three institutions share how they leverage integration frameworks to build empowering elearning ecosystems.

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Increasing Engagement through Sakai Integrations: Loyola Media and Atomic Learning

Focus on Teaching and Learning - Chicago, IL
January 8, 2014
Presented by Sarah Kentner and Jennifer Narula

ABSTRACT: Come explore two new tools that you can use to enhance engagement for your students and share content within your Sakai courses. Loyola Media is a cloud based web service that optimizes your media for hassle-free distribution of video, photos, and audio files all within Sakai. Atomic Learning provides anywhere, anytime, on-demand training support on over 250 technology applications.

Help is on the Way!  Faculty and Student LMS Support

13th Annual SLATE Conference - Naperville, IL
October 21-23, 2014
Presented by Lauree Garvin and Jennifer Narula

ABSTRACT: Supporting faculty and students who use the LMS is always a challenge. At Loyola “how-to” support is provided by the Instructional Technology and Research Support group via the HEAT ticketing system (email support), drop-in clinics, and formal training. This presentation will focus on how we have managed our email support method over five years - 2009 through 2013 - to accommodate an upgrade to Blackboard (from 8 to 9.1) and a change from one LMS to another (Blackboard to Sakai). We will also highlight similarities and changes in the pattern of support over time in the context of changes in the LMS environment.

Commonalities in Successful Models that Support Faculty Teaching with Technology
ISTE 2014 Conference - Atlanta, GA
June 28 - July 1, 2014
Presented by Tim Walker, Neal Legler (Utah State University), and Allison White (Ohio University Chillicothe)

ABSTRACT: Supporting faculty in their use of instruction can be a significant challenge at any level. Seasoned educational technologists from three distinctly different universities come together to share their faculty development experiences. They identify and group common success factors into categories or The Four C's of Faculty Support.

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Ready, Set, Go!  From Blackboard 9.1 to Sakai CLE 2.9 in Less than 6 Months
Open Apereo 2014 Conference - Miami, FL
June 1-5, 2014
Presented by Jack Corliss, Lauree Garvin, Sean Ohlinger, and Jennifer Tyler

ABSTRACT:  When faced with the task of migrating 3,800 courses, Loyola University Chicago used many resources to rapidly move to Sakai. Working closely with a diligent pilot group and Longsight, we provided a mixed model migration. We discussed challenges and crafted solutions that made this a success.  The commitment of university administrators to the LMS change promoted an efficient transition. Training, documentation, and frequent help sessions prepared users for the Sakai CLE and proactively addressed questions and concerns. Our presentation identified and reviewed key elements to faculty outreach and support that we found beneficial.  While course migration and faculty outreach activities were taking place on the front line, intensive system administration activities hastily proceeded in the background. We addressed some of the behind the scenes steps required by system administration in order to put Sakai into production and close down Blackboard in six months.

A Multi-Institutional Review of Faculty Development Programs
2013 USDLA National Conference - St. Louis, MO
April 28 - May 1, 2013
Presented by Tim Walker, Neal Legler (Utah State University), and Allison White (Ohio University Chillicothe)

ABSTRACT: Supporting faculty in their use of instructional technologies is a significant challenge for any higher education institution. This session brings together seasoned educational technologists from a rural regional university campus, an urban religious-affiliated private university, and a western public land-grant university to share their faculty training experiences. The presenters will attempt to address many of the hot topics associated with faculty development such as diversity, staffing, delivery models, scalability, outreach, and incentivization. They will discuss strategies for managing these variables and how best to prepare for new faculty who will be arriving at their campus doorstep shortly.

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Preparing Faculty to Facilitate Web Conferencing Sessions

10th Annual SLATE Conference - Naperville, IL
October 11-12, 2012
Presented by Tim Walker, Terry Moy, and Liz Van Kleeck

28th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning - Madison, WI
August 8-10, 2012
Presented by Tim Walker

ABSTRACT: Faculty teaching online should be adequately prepared to deliver content and activities in both asynchronous and synchronous formats. The latter is often overlooked. This presentation provides a framework for equipping faculty with the necessary skills to facilitate synchronous web conferencing sessions. Participants will be able to identify skills critical for successful facilitation, develop a plan to prepare faculty for leading web conferencing sessions, and strategize steps for implementing a training model. It was designed at Loyola University Chicago as part of a larger initiative to address competencies in teaching online.

Multimedia and Online learning Issues in Graduate Nursing Education for Students in Vietnam and Indonesia
EdMedia 2012 - World Conference on Educational Media & Technology - Denver, CO
June 25-29, 2012
Presented by Liz Van Kleeck

ABSTRACT: Nursing as a profession has limited masters prepared nurses in Vietnam and Indonesia.  Five Indonesian and six Vietnamese graduate level nursing students came to Loyola University Chicago for a five-week session and orientation in Summer 2011; then, the students returned to their countries and are taking the majority of their other courses online for the remaining two years of the program. This presentation will address language, culture, and distance barriers encountered in one of their courses, Advanced Nursing Concepts and Theories. Technology and teaching methods employed to overcome those barriers will be discussed. Methods used included asynchronous – a personal video introduction to the course and narrated Powerpoint lectures compressed in three different formats to allow for viewing online or download – and synchronous -- one-on-one chat sessions and formal presentation by the students in a Wimba Classroom. It was developed by P. A Solari-Twadell RN, PhD, MPA FAAN; Judith A Jennrich RN, PhD; Margaret Kraft RN, PhD; Ahn Nguyen RN, MSN; Liz Van Kleeck, MEd.