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Quick Links:  Layout of Sakai, Setting Up Your Course, Adding Course Content, Backup Course Content, Assignments, Communication, Tests & Quizzes, Gradebook

Layout of Sakai

My Workspace  - Your My Workspace area in Sakai is a private file repository that collects and displays announcements, calendar events, and messages from all of your Sakai sites.

Faculty FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

Setting Up Your Course

Faculty Quick Start Guide‌ - Guide for Teaching with Sakai: Adding/removing/renaming tools, managing student access, adding content, creating an assignment, creating an online test or quiz, setting up a discussion forum, uploading syllabus.

Course/Project Tabs - Simplify navigation in Sakai by customizing course/project tabs.

Customize Site Information Display‌ - Add images, text or a URL to customize your Home Page.

Instructor Information Page‌ - How to create an instructor information page in Sakai.

Adding, Removing, Reordering Tools‌ - How to change and update the tools seen in the left-hand tool menu.

Statistics Tool‌ - How to create custom reports for tracking activity in your course or project site.  Please Note:  The tool begins tracking activity on the date and time you add it to your site. If you plan to use this tool to verify student access to course material you should enable the tool as soon as your course begins.

Unhiding Sites - How to unhide a hidden site in Sakai.

Create Groups‌ - How to create groups in Sakai.

Publish/Unpublish Course Site‌ - How to publish and unpublish course sites in Sakai.

Adding Course Content

Adding/Removing Content in Resources‌ - Adding/removing files and URLs in Resources.

Editing Resources - How to copy and paste, move, and remove files in the Resources tool across course sites and within the same site.

Save Resources - How to create a local copy of content from the Resources tool of Sakai as a file backup.

Syllabus Tool‌ - How to add your course syllabus in parts, as an attachment, or as a web page redirect.

Using the Lessons Tool to Present Content - The Lessons Tool provides a way to organize new or existing resources, tests and quizzes, and media on a single course page.

Removed Unused (Orphaned) Lesson Pages‌ - How to delete unused lesson pages from your course site to organize content before importing into a new site and to reduce your overall course size.

Embed Ignation Video in a Lesson - How to add IgNation videos to the Lessons tool within Sakai.

NOTE: Firefox and Chrome have added a security feature that results in video added using "Add Multimedia" in a Lesson not displaying. For instructions on how to display that content, visit Allowing Blocked Content in Sakai

Working with Migrated Content in Sakai (HTML) - The migration model presented in this documentation pertains to courses that were migrated from a Blackboard archive of the course created by ITRS and imported into the corresponding Sakai course by our Sakai technical services/hosting vendor, Longsight, or by ITRS staff.

Uploading Multiple Files (PC Users, Mac Users‌) - There may be times when you need to upload a large number of files all at once to be placed into Sakai's Resources tool.  The easiest way to upload or download multiple resources is through a process called WebDAV.  Loyola recommends the use of a free tool – Cyberduck, which implements WebDAV between your local computer and Sakai.

Import from Site‌ - Copy content from a previous course site to your new course.

Atomic Learning in Sakai‌ - Add an Atomic Learning series to your Sakai course or project site.

Uploading Articulate '09 File to Sakai‌ - How to upload and link to your Articulate lecture.

Backup Course Content

Backup Sakai Course Content - Download content from your Sakai course by individual item or multiple items simultaneously.

Backup Tests and Quizzes‌ - How to create a local copy of your tests and quizzes from Sakai as a zip file backup.

Backing up Grades in Sakai‌ - How to create a local copy of your gradebook.


Creating Assignments‌ - How to create assignments in Sakai.

Allow Student Resubmissions of Assignments‌ - How to allow students the opportunity to resubmit an assignment.

Using Turnitin in Sakai - Set up assignments to use Turnitin and check for possible student plagiarism.

Resubmissions in Turnitin‌ - How to resubmit student assignments using Turnitin.

Viewing Turnitin Reports in Assignments‌ - View originality reports for Turnitin assignments.

Instructor Submitting a Turnitin Assignment‌ - Submit a paper to view the originality report.


Announcements‌ - How to create and post announcements in Sakai.

Which Tool Do I Need?‌ - A matrix explaining the Messages, Email, and Email Archive tools in Sakai and how to decide which one is best for the type of communication needed in your course.

Messages Tool‌ - (Internal mail system) How to send messages and message copies to email through Sakai.

Email Tool‌ - How to send email directly to the email accounts of site participants from within Sakai.

Email Archive Tool‌ - How to create an email archive (course site listserv) to email all course participants outside of Sakai, and use the archive to save mail sent from the email tool.

Video Overview of Messages, Email, and Email Archive - A thorough review of each tool and how to use them in your course sites.

Forums‌ - How to create Forums and Topics for discussion.

i>clicker/Sakai Integration - How to set up iclicker to upload scores to Sakai.

Blogs‌ - How to create blogs in Sakai.

VoiceThread in Sakai - How to create, view and comment on, and add or remove a VoiceThread in Sakai.

Tests and Quizzes

Creating an Assessment Using the Sakai Assessment Builder - How to create an online test or quiz using Sakai's Assessment Builder.

Test Settings in Sakai‌ - How to establish test settings including delivery, organization, submissions, and more.

Test Feedback in Sakai‌ - Various options to set up feedback for students in Tests and Quizzes.

Test Parts as a Random Draw from Question Pools ‌ – How to create all or part of a test as a random draw of questions from a question pool.  Note that question pools must be created first.

View Student Results for Tests and Quizzes - View a student's answers to questions and instructor comments.

Download Student Test Results‌ - How to export and download a local copy of student test results as an Excel file.

Backup Tests and Quizzes‌ - How to create a local copy of your tests and quizzes from Sakai as a zip file backup.


Deleting Gradebook Items‌ - How to delete items added to the Gradebook.

Points-Based Gradebook‌ - A description of how course grades are calculated by the Sakai gradebook in a points-based setup.

Extra Credit in Gradebook (No Categories, No Weighting)‌ - How to create extra credit items in a Gradebook with points-based setup containing no categories or weighted items.

Extra Credit with Gradebook in Categories‌ - How to create extra credit items in a Gradebook with points-based setup containing categories, but no weighted items.

Extra Credit with Gradebook in Categories and Weighting‌ - How to create extra credit items in a Gradebook with points-based setup containing categories and weighting.

Percentage-Based Gradebook‌ - A description of how course grades are calculated by the Sakai gradebook in a percentage-based setup.


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